That’s My Story > AND I’M STICK’N TO IT!!! by Earl Ball.

Yes, there is a story that goes with the hair-do (Rayhawk)!

Although it was 12 years ago, I remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday! However, if I get some of the facts tangled up, I’m sure Jim or Chuck will straighten things out; remember they are both older than I am so their memory could be a little foggy. Back in those days Jim Barnes, Chuck Moulton and I went to a number of games and were big fans so when we got a chance, we went to the play-off games and the World Series; I offered to drive but for some reason they would always drive. We would start out by going to Fergs, a sports bar next to the Ball Field, for a burger and a beer everyone else went too!

Well, in the parking lot, there were ladies (young) doing Rayhalks and as I remember it Jim and Chuck were chatting the ladies up and telling them how famous I was and that I was a Hall of Famer! Their eyes got bigger, their smiles wider and before you knew it the parking lot was full of people, probably 500 people! They convinced her I was throwing out the 1st pitch and I’m sure the crowd was there just to see such a famous person who was getting their hair done in their mist!

That’s the story and I’m stricken to it!!!!

Earl Ball10-19-2020 PS: I know we all wish we could go this year

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