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I see this event as an opportunity for Canadian Shufflers to recognize, to thank, and to pay tribute to the Past Presidents of the CNSA. 

This event, President’s Dinner, would be a part of a grand evening, where all past presidents except the 1st ~~ WR Johnstone, deceased, would be celebrated. (You do understand, Mr Johnstone’s presidency would be celebrated, but he will not be with us.) (At time of writing this, in fact there is some confusion as to whether or not Mr Johnstone ever actually occupied the office of President)

The event would take place in Blackstock, ON, in conjunction with the AGM of the CNSA, and the 2nd Annual Spring Fling, an event hosted and sponsored by the Scugog Shuffleboard Club and endorsed by the CNSA. 

A “grand evening” requires a grand hall, and we are in the process of finalizing plans to rent the Hall adjacent to the Blackstock Arena ~~ the same Hall where we lunched and celebrated at the 1st Spring Fling, May of 2005.  The dates for the 2nd Annual Spring Fling are May 30th, and May 31st, 2006.  The Hall is sufficiently large to accommodate all Spring Fling Participants, all Past Presidents as well as any family members or special guests the Past Presidents may wish to invite.  

Back to my “Grand Evening Theme”!!  Vice President Tate & I have had some discussion on the evening.  (I will use the “Royal We”, but I want you to know that Max has not committed the CNSA to anything).  We see the Scugog Club organizing and hosting the “President’s Dinner”.  *Sponsors of the Spring Fling will purchase and present an appropriate pin to the Past Presidents; will cover the cost of the dinners served to each President and 1 companion.  The Scugog Club will arrange for suitable accommodation, (arrange does not include paying for), arrange for the dinner, and will cover the cost of renting the Grand Hall.  That concludes one portion of the Presidents Dinner. (if you like, the 1st course!)

* Stan writing in 2017: The sole sponsor was our son, Ken McCormack.

Part 2: Second Course; There have been ongoing discussions regarding a plaque, or plaques, for the Past Presidents.  Before I go further on this 2nd Part of the Presidents Dinner, let me explain that this part, Part 2 is the sole responsibility of the CNSA!!  Sometime ago, I proposed to Alf (Primeau) and to Max, that we, THE SHUFFLER offer to host on the website, A VIRTUAL CNSA HALL OF FAME!!  It is my understanding that this item will be on your agenda at the London EX Meeting. 

FOLLOWING ON THIS TOPIC, the CNSA Hall of Fame, we (the royal we) believe that the President’s Dinner would be the ideal opportunity and setting to launch THE CNSA HALL OF FAME!! 

Catherine McCreery; MORE about Catherine later.

Never again will you have 87 year old Catherine McCreery, and all of the others in the same appropriate setting!!  Never again will you have the audience of shufflers of an age that we have now.  Let me explain: Many of our present members still know the “Past Presidents”!! That will make the Hall of Fame so much more meaningful!!  ~~ for us and for them!!  We still have members who are capable of an appropriate induction presentation; we still have people who can and will relate humorous incidents as they do the induction!!


Enough said by Stan: In summary; Scugog does their “thingie”; WE open the dinner, we present our Pins; and at that point, we TURN OVER THE EVENING TO THE INCOMING PRESIDENT OF THE CNSA!! 

Alf Primeau will be offering you a demonstration of what constitutes a Virtual Hall of Fame!! (at London)  Stan

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