How Long Is Your Cue by Earl Ball?????


The legal limit is 6 foot 3 inches.  Mine is 5 ½ inches shorter!  I don’t know if that’s good or bad, I know Allen and company sell some extra cues because people try to copy me.  When people ask me, I tell them “I’m not very tall so the cue doesn’t have to be very long”.  I think some people believe me!  The real reason is that one day back a few years ago I refurbished Stan Williamson’s cue and decided to “run the new glides in” by using it in practice.  Now anyone that knows Stan realizes why his cue would be short.  Who else gets the cue caught in the fan at St Cloud and runs like mad so they won’t get hit while everyone else stands there with their mouth open in amazement, ~~” only StanOR smashes his cue on the ground during the National Championships breaking off the runners ~~ only Stan, so it’s no wonder his cue is short. 

Earl and Presenter Stan Williamson.

I liked it so much when I was working with it that I had Sam Allen make a special cue for me taking 5 ½ inches off the skinny end of a buggy whip.  So many players have questioned me about it that after this year’s Masters I decided to have Sam make me a new cue of regulation length using the best shaft he had, taking the excess off the skinny end.  I tried it for one practice match and couldn’t control the discs.  Needless to say I’ve hung it up and will probably never use it again!!  It still seems to me though that guys like Ray Razor and Skip Wilde, being so tall, would have an advantage with the longer cue.  When they reach out they are so close to their target I don’t see how they can miss, then again I’m not that tall so I guess my cue doesn’t have to be that long!!

By the way, Sam asked me if I thought the cue with the small wheels would ever catch on in Florida.  I hadn’t really thought about it but I told him I didn’t think so.  I’ve seen that type of cue in play by Stan Quinn and Red Rudolph from Texas and they told me it was for better control in the wind.  Of course, that’s the same reason we use the buggy whip in Florida.  I guess we all bought the buggy whip because Glen Peltier who over time has proven to be the best, said it was the best; maybe if he says the one with the wheels is better we’ll all change!  Earl Ball 2004 06 01.

Encored on 2007 05 12. ~~ Still by Earl Ball. 

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2 Responses to How Long Is Your Cue by Earl Ball?????

  1. John Houghtaling says:

    Earl is always challenging me as to the length of my cue as he thinks it’s too long in length and I love the fact that I always keep him guessing as to its legality; LOLs!!!! I believe that a cue that feels good in a players hand, looks good to him down his visual sight line to the target and has the balance that makes him feel confident to use, makes the right cue for that particular individual.


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