The Southern District Is “Alive and Well”!!

I’m very excited at the enthusiasm I have seen from shuffleboard players in the Southern District. Our game is alive and well here. We have recently had maximum numbers of shufflers register and although we had to turn a team away last week, we as a board are doing our best to ensure that does not happen again. We are going to try staggered start times in order to accommodate all players. This may or may not work for us, time will tell. FSA Protocols are being followed and Tournament Directors are ensuring everyone keeps their mask on.
After a long summer of no traveling, little dining out and no social gatherings with family, friends and neighbors, it feels good to enjoy playing Shuffleboard again and to do it as safely as possible.

Helen Biaggi Treasurer/Webmaster Southern District

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4 Responses to The Southern District Is “Alive and Well”!!

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Congradulations Helen. Your doing your part to save shuffleboard.


  2. John Houghtaling says:

    Hopefully Helen, all of us who enjoy the game will certainly be glad when 2020 is behind us so that we can focus on 2021 and have shuffle board continue to flourish!!!!


  3. Earl Ball says:

    Good for the Southern District!
    I am glad you are having so much interest and finding a way to give everyone a chance to play. We can do it if we all look for ways to move forward instead waiting to see what happens.


  4. Maureen Bryan says:

    Thanks Helen for keeping us up here in the North informed of the shuffleboard activities. Sure miss all you guys, you may see us if the border ever opens. Bill and Maureen Bryan.


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