We Tell You A Little about Dale and Sheila Monday

Dale and Sheila Monday

Dale Monday

  • Captain, NSA West Team , 2014 World Team Championships, Midland, Ontario, CA
  • Director, WSA National Team Tournament, 2014
  • 2nd Vice President, Arizona Shuffleboard Association (ASA)
  • 1st Vice President, ASA District I (Mesa)
  • Chairman and member ASA Hall of Fame Committee since 2009
  • Captain, NSA West Team, 2012 World Team Championships, Seattle. WA
  • Member of West team in NSA East/West Goodwill Games since 2009

Sheila Monday

  • Recently elected as a member of the NSA Hall of Fame in the Special Category
  • Played on the NSA West Women’s Team at World Team Championships in Seattle, WA in 2012
  • Serve as ASA Webmistress & also maintain ASA Districts I, IV & V websites
  • Serve as ASA Historian
  • Serve as assistant to the Executive Director & Assistant Director of the largest  shuffleboard tournament in the world
  • Developed a slideshow of the 31st World Team Championships in Seattle that was shown on the ISA website
  • Member of West team in NSA East/West Goodwill Games since 2009
  • Have served as ASA parliamentarian
  • Have served as ASA District III’s Publicity Director
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