We Tell You A Little About Jackie and Darden Nelms



Darden Nelms, Keeper of Records, and Webmaster for the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Association) spends a great deal of time in support of Shuffling!!  With strong and capable support from Jackie~~who herself is deeply involved in support of Shuffling, the two of them deserve our thanks and attention.  Darden has modernized the publication of the PREVIEW.  For the few who may not know, the PREVIEW is the periodical of note for Shufflers, carried by every Shuffler in FL.  It contains the Rules, it contains the current Shuffling Schedule, it contains last years results, it has email addresses, and finally, it is full of photos!!  Writer of note, Earl Ball once described Jackie and Darden as “One of America’s Great Love Stories,” likening them to President Regan and Nancy!!  Earl recalls the incident when Darden presented Jackie a bouquet of flowers at the opening of a tournament~~and went on to express his love for her~~all as a part of the opening ceremony!!  THE SHUFFLER has even been informed that they still hold hands and share personal notes with each other~~a practice that many more of us could adopt.  We thought it appropriate to share this photo of the two of them.  The photo was taken at the FSA Hall of Fame Banquet.  Stan of THE SHUFFLER.  2005 02 01.   



Darden and Jackie Nelms Bio:  After retiring in 1995, Jackie and Darden emigrated from Annapolis MD to Dunedin, FL to be with their children and Jackie’s aging parents.  They quickly established themselves and began shuffling out of Clearwater SBC, becoming Pros in 1998.

In 1999, Darden became the FSA Keeper of Records (KOR).  He instituted the FSA Number System which improved accuracy of shuffler records.  Due to personal reasons he resigned after only one season.   He was reappointed KOR in 2003, a position he held for the next 6 years.  As KOR he updated and modernized FSA tournament and shuffler records and streamlined the administration of KOR duties. Darden also held the position of West Coast District (WCD) Webmaster from 2002 to 2007. 

In 2003 Darden was asked to design and implement a new website for the FSA.  As the FSA Webmaster, a position he held for 6 years, he modernized the site allowing users to search all shuffler records  as well as tournament results from 1997 to the present.  He also helped each FSA District establish individual, independent, websites.  Throughout this period Jackie provided invaluable assistance with the implementation and administration of the FSA records system and was instrumental in the new website concept and design. 

In 2004, Darden was appointed FSA Preview Editor, a position he held through publication of the 2008-2009 issue. With Jackie’s help he implemented procedures which have lead to a “paperless publication” process.  This eliminated the expensive retyping of material, reducing errors and print setup costs.  Additionally, printing costs were further reduced by obtaining bids from local printing companies.  These innovations resulted in a 48% reduction of printing costs from a high of $17,000. in 2003 to just over $10,000. in 2008, a period when costs for just about everything else rose.  For the 2005 Preview, Jackie was instrumental in the design of a new cover concept honoring FSA Shufflers and Districts.   Since then these concepts can be seen on full color Preview covers.

These results would not have been possible without the help, cooperation and assistance of the District Coordinators, Presidents, KORs, and Tournament Directors.   Working with these outstanding unsung shufflers who give so much of their time and effort in support of the FSA, has always been a rewarding pleasure.  We would like to thank each of them for their help in achieving these goals. 

Darden Nelms, 2008 12 30.     (In examining the date, and signature, I am quite confident it was Dave Minnich who did the induction.  Stan on 2010 02 24.



Below is a letter from Darden Nelms as he leaves the office of KOR (Keeper of Records) for the FSA. The FSA Site under Darden’s direction has made giant strides forward during his time in office. I cannot think of a Site easier to navigate, more friendly when it comes to finding the information you need.  It is evident that Darden has devoted considerable time to the office of KOR. 

Thank You Darden.  Readers of THE SHUFFLER. 2008 04 01.  

Letter from Darden Nelms 
I would like to thank everyone who has helped me throughout my years as FSA KOR and Webmaster. During these years we have installed a new KOR record-keeping system, implementing new features and expanding on the data-driven system begun by Wilbur Estes and continued by Ed Johnston and Ann Hersom, your former  KOR’s
The FSA website has also been expanded to include new features, allowing shufflers to search our FSA data in many different ways and offering an entirely new medium for communications.
The cooperation I uniformly received from the District Presidents, Keeper of Records, Tournament Directors, and the shufflers themselves, has been outstanding.  I have learned a lot during my tenure and want to salute these unsung workers of the shuffleboard world.  Without them, the job of FSA KOR and Webmaster would be impossible.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being of service to the FSA shuffleboard community as your KOR and Webmaster, an experience that has sometimes been frustrating, often challenging, occasionally exhilarating, AND always rewarding.
I encourage each of you to extend the same effort and courtesy to Ed O’Neal, your new KOR, and Webmaster, and am confident you will give him the help he will need to get this job done.
Thank you for the opportunity to be your Keeper of Records and Webmaster.
Darden Nelms.

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  1. Earl Ball says:

    Darden, is She still as pretty as ever!


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