We Tell You Just A Little About Darlene Morrison.

Darlene Morrison~~Central District’s Best State Am!! by Larry and Ruth Brown.

Larry Brown and Darlene Morrison

The regular shuffling season in FL’s Central District has just finished and in the Women’s Division at the “State Am Level”, Darlene Morrison has demonstrated that she has what it takes!!  Remember folks, if you want to see some outstanding shuffling, come to Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club to catch the action.  The “Masters”, (Central District Masters) begins on March 24th and continues to March 26th!! See you there.  And now, let’s hear what others have to say about our State Am Champion!! 

A True Champion; If you should happen to walk by the shuffleboard courts in Pioneer Creek RV Resort, you might hear in an unmistakeable Alabama drawl, “Lordie,Lordie” or “oh sugar”, you know that Darlene Morrison is on the courts. Most likely her & husband Bill, who in his own right is quite a shuffler, have two new people teaching them the game of shuffleboard. Darlene started shuffling in 1998 & played in the Reiny Masters as a District Am three times and as a State Am once. She has finished this season in first place in the women’s state am division. Along the way, Darlene & Bill have won numerous state amateur tournaments. Now this all sounds very good, but in 2002 this success story almost came to an end when the doctors told Darlene she had a macular hole in her left eye and would need surgery to correct it. Not only was Darlene’s shuffling in doubt but she would be fighting to save her eyesight. But the girl from Alabama, who was an accountant for a multi automobile dealership, had all the figures & numbers in place. She would lay off from shuffling for 12 months after surgery and let her eye heal and come back shuffling. And come back she did as evident by leading in her division in points. Just when all things were looking good the doctors have told Darlene she will have to have surgery on the right eye for the same condition this summer. Her friends at Pioneer Creek know that when next October comes around that with two good eyes, Darlene will be even better as she moves into the pro division. Darlene & Bill have been married 47 years; have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. If you come by the Central District Reiny-pro Masters in March at Winter Haven you might hear those words, “Lordie, Lordie or “Oh Sugar” from that Alabama gal, Darlene Morrison, a true shuffleboard citizen of merit.

Larry & Ruth Brown.  2005 03 09.

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