Stars of the Past by Glen Peltier.

When I write about the stars of the past, it is because it bothers me to see how they are forgotten.  I played with the best and against the best.  How many can say they played with or against Ken Worden Sr.  Or Charlie Bone.  I partnered with Frank Berger.  I look back and want to keep their names alive.  They more than earned that.  Virginia Worden was as strong as Ken. I played with George Cofrin when he played bare feet.  They had to stop him from doing that. When Wes Mahroush was president of the FSA, no one told him what to do. The District and state played under the same rules. Charlie Bone and Bob Jones were unbeatable. Rosaire Biron and Herb Holloway were unbeatable. 

Some day I am sure someone will write about the great team of Ron Nurnberger And Pam Nurnberger.  How they both came on so fast and took the shuffleboard world by storm. How Ron took on duties in the district and state. They are just one team that will be talked about and not forgotten. That,s what so great about the Hall Of Fame. That’s why we must do our best to keep shuffleboard alive and well.

Glen Peltier. 2020 10 28

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4 Responses to Stars of the Past by Glen Peltier.

  1. Joan ERWIN says:

    Thank you for your beautiful article. You shall also be remembered up there with the greats.


  2. John Houghtaling says:

    “AMEN” to that Glen!!!!!!…


  3. Joan McCurdy says:

    I really enjoy learning about the past stars.
    Especially nice to see Pammy and Ron honoured.


  4. Dave Minnich says:

    You should know that Pam and Ron are wonderful people off the court as well as on the court. They are a caring couple.


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