We Tell You A Little About Dave Clarke!!!

Dave Clarke Finishes “In The Money” for the 1st Time!

I thought this achievement was something worthy of a celebration of sorts, so I wrote to Dave and requested that he send along his thoughts with regard to his young career in Shuffleboard. This is his reply to me!

“There isn’t an awful lot to say about my shuffleboard career to date.  I have been playing for about 4 winters.  My first winter in Florida, I concentrated on Lawn Bowls.  It was ok but boring for the novice player.  Like most players in Florida, I started with fun shuffling in our first park (2005-20 06 season).  When I heard about the courses Glen Peltier gave at Clearwater, I decided to try and learn the right technique.  I was using the one-step delivery but Glen changed that in the first session.  It made sense that two steps got you closer to the target and gave you better balance.  When it came to strategy, everything he says seems to make sense.

We sold our first mobile in the spring of 2006 and moved to Fairway
Village.  They had two B teams that played in the Sunshine League and the Ulmerton League.  I played on both teams in 2007 but found that you had to dedicate the whole day for two games. I felt I should be playing more. Basil & Eileen Fick (Fairway Village residents) asked me to go into some No Two Pros tournaments.  I learned a lot from them both.

During the summer of 2007, my wife Phyllis and I played at Tweed, ON, and made many good friends.  I played in the CNSA singles tournament that year but did not do that well.  The web page I made for the tournament is still being featured on your site. I talked Ken Little into going in the Ontario Seniors Games playdowns and we won the right to represent the area in the Ontario tournament.  Unfortunately, just prior to the event, Ken’s sister died and my brother passed on.  We had to drop out. We still have many good friends in Tweed but haven’t been making the weekly drive lately.

In February of 2008, I decided to play tournaments and got involved with the Clearwater Club.  Geoff Bell asked me if I would captain one of the A teams (Clearwater Comets) that play in the Associate League.  I agreed and we had a good season finishing 4th in a seven-team league. Pretty good since we had 4 pros, 4 state amateurs and 4 district amateurs, and a super-sub, my wife Phyllis.

In the meantime I was playing as many Amateur Tournaments as I could and eventually got my State Amateur in January 2009.  From that point on I played in as many pro tournaments as possible.  Finding a pro that would take me wasn’t easy but Carl Rogerson took me under his wing and we played well together, although we have as yet to make the semis.  Carl and I played together in Coldwater, but, as you are well aware, we were eliminated by you and your first wife Lois.  Carl and I will be partners in Woodstock, ON for the OSA Any Doubles beginning July 22nd.

In December 2008, I was asked to go on the Clearwater Board of Directors.  At the annual meeting I was appointed.  So far it has been very interesting, with the city wanting the club to assume all expenses.  The upcoming season will be a make or break season for the club. I’m quite sure it will be a make. We have a good board and an excellent president.

The Napanee tournament as you know was my most successful to date. Getting to the semis was quite an accomplishment for me.  (For the record, Dave defeated me to finish in 3rd place! > Stan)
I have many tournaments scheduled for the upcoming season.  Carl Rogerson & I are playing in a couple of pro tournaments but my main focus will be to earn my Pro certificate. There are many Amateurs that don’t want their pro status but I can hardly wait.  If you’re going to play you might as well play with the best.”

Dave Clarke.  Submitted by Dave 2009-06-26. 

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