We Tell You Just A Little About FSA President Dave Kudro.

Just one example of the WORK performed by, under the direction, of the FSA President.

Revised 8/13/2020


  1. Completed registration forms shall be submitted to the tournament director in the manner he/she
    designates as soon as possible after arrival.
  2. Tournament directors shall conduct an independent blind draw prior to the start of the tournament.
    Players will not participate in the draw. If facilities permit appropriate distancing, one independent
    observer will attend the draw.
  3. No one will be admitted to the tournament director’s office without permission of the director.
  4. Only one person at a time will be permitted in restrooms.
  5. A tape line is recommended to be placed six feet from the restroom door.
  6. Where possible, restroom doors should be left open when unoccupied.
  7. It is recommended that each player bring their own chair to allow appropriate seating space when
    not on the courts.
  8. No discs will be waxed during play.
  9. Discs will be left on the court until the end of play each day.
  10. Courts will not be swept once play begins.
  11. Beads may be added according to normal rules.
  12. Only one person at a time may view tournament charts.
  13. Only the tournament director may touch the charts or the surface upon which they are mounted.
    a. A tape indicator is recommended six feet from the charts to remind players to maintain a
    safe distance.
  14. Players who have been eliminated from the tournament, and anyone accompanying them, are
    asked to vacate the premises or wait in an area removed from the courts.
  15. Players playing the head of the court will be supplied with a piece of chalk or dry erase marker, as
    appropriate, and an eraser for their personal use throughout the day.
    a. They are responsible maintain possession of those items and for returning them to a
    designated spot at the end of their day.
  16. Districts shall adhere to all protocols, except the registrar as noted, for all District sanctioned events.
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