We had a good tournament in Lakeland this week; 22 Amateurs and 36 Pros. I had the pleasure of drawing Aaron Dingleman, a fabulous 1st year Pro who learned the game by taking classes from Glen Peltier. That alone tells you he is well trained with exceptional knowledge of how to play the game and he played a great Tournament and we finished 2nd with the Championship going to Keith Morton, who is having an outstanding season in both the District and State; he is playing lights out and his partner Harold Cunningham who, as much as I hate to admit it, outplayed me. That better not happen again!

Neil Pearcy and Rae Schneider, both from Zephyrhills Clubs, won the amateur event. They are both so good they will earn their Pro points this season.

I do want to mention one other name that you will hear more about in the future. Earlier this week someone talked to me about how impressed he was with Jim Kelly whom he had played in Avon Park a couple of weeks ago. Don’t you know it, Jim Kelly, son in law of Richard and Shelia Cron, walked up to me and introduced himself and told me a story of how gratified he was to be able to help someone that was just thrilled with having a chance to win, he’d heard me talking about it in Avon Park. I’m impressed and I think you will be too!

Earl 10-30-2020

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