We Tell You A Little About David and Dini Rushton.

Pugwash Shuffleboard Demonstration

David Rushton Writing on 2010 05 20: Today in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, history was made.  For the first time in History, 22 people came together in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, and played shuffleboard. This is a game played on a 52 ft court with 8 blocks, 4 yellow, and 4 black.  Many people have played table top shuffleboard in Taverns etc.. but this game is more akin to curling. You utilize a 52 foot court with 75 inch cues and push 6” round blocks and attempt to build scores of 8,7,10, or -10 and be the first team to achieve 75 points in a doubles game.

            The time today, was spent having new players attempt to make scores on a flat beaded court, laid out on the floor of the Pugwash Curling Club. These courts were borrowed from Moncton Shuffleboard Club, where a friend Don Breau is President.  The members of this club loaned us the courts, score boards, beads, etc to demonstrate shuffling to the members and friends of Pugwash Curling Club.  David and Glenna Earle of Head of St. Margarets Bay, came up to support us in the demonstration of shuffling; they are also attempting to start a club in Chester N.S.  However, this year they had a setback and will shuffle in the Halifax Curling Club for the summer. They were really impressed with the facility at Pugwash.  In 2009, as you may have read in last years’ Oxford Journal, Nova Scotia Shufflers with a pick-up team went to Ontario and came back with gold for both the men and women’s teams.  Murray Scott Cumberland South’s MLA put forth a resolution in the House in Nova Scotia to recognize the accomplishments of these two teams at the First Inter Provincial Tournament played at Coldwater Ontario. This resolution was posted on the website of the CNSA last year, by the President of the CNSA Mr. Stan McCormack. This was a great boost to Shuffling in Canada.

            Today in Pugwash 22 people participated in the demonstration and every one of them was duly impressed with the game.  In Florida, we Canadians always say it is like curling with shorts on. The people in Florida always say how come you Canadians come down here and learn shuffling and right away you exceed at the game.  We always tell them it is because most of us have curled at home.  The strategy is nearly the same; the method of achieving this is slightly different.

            I believe everyone at the Curling Club today, were impressed by the game. One woman said this game is a lot harder than it looks. I remember the first time I played golf saying the exact same thing.  This game is played in Florida by seniors of all ages; I have seen players on canes, in wheelchairs, and blind playing shuffleboard.  One of my best friends in our park, is legally blind, can hardly read the corners of paper money to pay his way in , but shuffles( using binoculars) with the best of the people in Florida.  He is a professional shuffler, and everyone admires him very much.  I just want to point out that the Curling Club in Pugwash is built beside one group of Senior’s apartments, and another senior’s complex is being built on the other side. This is the ideal place to get seniors out of their homes and involved in a sport which I believe was built for their participation.              When my wife and I first went to Florida in 2003, I went kicking and screaming. The following year, my wife asked if we were going back, I told her I was going and if she wanted to come she was welcome.

            The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association (CNSA) is looking for a National Tournament to be held in Atlantic Canada in the next year.  After seeing the facilities in Pugwash Curling Club today, I see no reason why this Tournament could not be held in Pugwash. This would require the combined   efforts of Moncton, (Don Breau), Halifax, (David & Glenna Earle), and the Pugwash Curling Club (Shuffleboard Committee & David & Dini Rushton).

            I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Pugwash Curling Club Board of Directors in general, and John and Nellie Vandewiel, in particular for allowing us to demonstrate the great game of Shuffleboard in their beautiful facility.  Hopefully this will be the start of a great relationship between the Pugwash Curling Club and a new Pugwash Shuffleboard Club which would ensure this beautiful facility could be utilized to the fullest extent both winter and summer.

David Rushton.  2010 05 20.


The conditions changed in Pugwash > David and Dini Elect To Relocate!!! Six Years Ago!!!

Pugwash NS Shufflers Relocate to Oxford NS. Report by David Rushton!!

David Rushton sends along this report!  This spring we started out in Pugwash, which is where we started as you know, but our membership had kind of gone down hill from the last year. Our rent at the Pugwash Curling club was really prohibitive with the membership declining. Also most of our members were from Oxford area, or Amherst, which is quite a drive from Pugwash.  I approached the Cumberland County Exhibition and was able to rent the Industrial Bldg. in Oxford, at half the rent of Pugwash. Also they wish to keep us there so the board said if our membership declines our rent will decline with our numbers. We moved to our new facility on 14th of July.  I also approached the Board about painting the courts on the concrete floor in lieu of roll out courts. They have agreed we could paint them on the floor so I think we can get about 18 courts in the area we have allotted. We will also have access to the kitchen facilities for our end of the year potluck. I have purchased the template from Dom Sports in Toronto, but we will not paint the courts until next spring. I am going to approach the Regional High School in Oxford to see if we could put our roll out courts in the High School Gym, for the winter and have some of our Seniors teach Shuffleboard during the winter at the school. I’m nor sure how that will come out but I will keep you informed. Frank LeBlanc and I have set up a home and home tournament between NB & NS (CCSC), for the Trophy which was originally between NB and Cole Harbour when Dartmouth was involved in Shuffleboard. We took 12 Shufflers to Dieppe on the 19 Aug for the first part of the Tournament and NS is now 2 games to the good. We had to shut down our Courts for the Oxford Exhibition which is a week long and ended on Labour day weekend, but it takes about 2 weeks to get all of the buildings cleaned after the Ex. Then 12 Shufflers from Dieppe will come to us for the second half of the tournament for the bragging rights to the Trophy. We can not use the Industrial Building during the winter because they rent our storage space for RV’s, Boats, vintage cars, etc.. They move them by the last Sunday in April so we can start Shuffleboard again until the last Sunday in October. Works out well for the Snowbirds. As soon as I get word we can start again, we will send out the challenge to Frank and company for the completion of our first Tournament. Will let you know who is the new holder of the Trophy. I will take some pictures at the Tournament and forward them to you for the website. Good to hear from you Stan, I am sending your Shuffleboard 101 out to our members and told them to subscribe to your blog so you may have a number of new subscribers coming your way.  David Rushton. 

Stan speaks:  When one considers the determination demonstrated by David (Rushton); by Louise Turbide of Meteghan, and add to that the favourable results of the Earles**, I think we can say that Shuffleboard is in Good Hands in Nova Scotia. 

** I expect that David, Louise, and the Earles would be the first to point out that they have had good support in their endeavours!!  Glenna Earle in her capacity as 2nd Vice President of the CNSA, is “first on-call” in Nova Scotia for anything related to Shuffleboard, from the local Sackville group to David’s Oxford group, to the Canada 55+ Games and finally the NS 55+ Games.  A Big Thank You goes out to all in Nova Scotia who “extend their Shuffleboard Career into the Summer Months!!”

Stan McCormack.  2014 09 03.

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