We Tell You Just A Little About David and Glenna Earle.

Stan speaks: It is difficult to select articles which are representative of David and Glenna in the Shuffleboard World >> I say that because when I open their file, I count 84 articles; that is correct, 84 articles either written about them or submitted by them. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE EARLEs FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE, AND CONTINUE TODO!!

DAVID WRITING IN 2007. The Really Good Players!!

Earl Ball and Wilber Estes have each contributed much to The Shuffler including some thoughts on what makes a good shuffleboard player…dogged determination, eagle eyes to watch the scoreboard, a love of the road so you will travel untold hours to play, the desire to play anyone better than yourself, and attention to detail, as examples. But one thing that they don’t mention is an incredible memory especially adapted to shuffleboard. Have you noticed how Earl, or George Darwin, or Glen Peltier among others, can recall almost every shot from an exciting match played last year, or the year before, or …..And they’re not just blowing smoke because on occasion I was getting the ‘lesson’.  Pity I can’t even remember who was my partner for that last tournament!!!

David Earle 2007 05 30

Glenna’s Response to Linda on the occasion of Glenna’s Induction into the FSA HOF.

Thank you very much Linda for your kind words. The feelings are mutual!

 I have been extremely lucky to have started my shuffling career about the same time as Linda. We struggled to learn the game and practiced a lot. We were also fortunate to be in the company of some successful and effective shufflers in our area. The active  champions in our club were many,  and quite willing to help us learn the intricacies of strategy in the game of shuffleboard…..where and when to do what!!!

From the infamous George Darwin, to Earl Ball, Henry Strong,  David Earle and Bob Marshman, the list is long……. Always lots of encouragement but no hesitation in telling us when they thought we took a “stupid shot”!!!

It has been a great pleasure to work away at getting these 200 points with numerous wonderful partners over the past several years. You are all very special and I love every one of you.

Linda has steadfastly been my most often partner and I am very grateful. Then when she was getting close to her 200 pts, unfortunately I suffered some health issues last year and was unable to fulfill my commitments with her. Thankfully many of you stepped up and helped her reach her goal.

 From our travels to other countries, and within Canada,  to the weekly State tournaments in Florida the game of shuffleboard has become a vital part of our lives. We look forward to seeing the people,  wherever we go.  It is the people who make this sport the joy it has become for us.

Although we can be rather fierce on the courts, as soon as the game ends we often can be seen hugging and congratulating our opponents after a game…….of course that’s AFTER turning in our score card to the TD.  These are the kinds of friendships we will carry for the rest of our lives. Recognition in the HOF is gravy, a bonus for doing something I love.

Thank you to all of you who have helped me reach this goal. 

Thanks to the FSA board, the organizing committee, fellow shufflers, and dignitaries for coming tonight.

Thanks also,  to Nancy & Cameron (my sister and brother-in-law)  our great friends Ann Marie & Reg from Ontario, whom we have known since our service in the CDN military, Connie & Duke, our great friends from Winters Park, as well as many friends from Zephyrhills who have come to be with us this evening.

We really are one large family of caring folks with a commonality, whom we sincerely treasure.

Lastly, thank you to my wonderful husband for his constant love and support in everything I do.


Although we have not been able to give you direct access to the great promotional work by the Earles, we are able to give you some insight into what they have been up to!!

Upon their return from the 27th (Coolangatta) ISA they contacted a major Provincial Newspaper which ran their story!!  We know the article was widely read because David and Glenna received a contact as did The Shuffler!!  (That type of feedback is most unusual!)

Their 2nd foray into the press was with a local newspaper, “The Masthead News” which is published in Hubbards NS.  Glenna had this to say: “A friend of ours is a reporter there and he decided to do our story with a slightly different slant. He wanted to make it a little more about how it might relate to the community and he thought this might interest some of the locals and maybe even find us a venue. We have already had a couple of emails from people  wanting to be included in a list of folks who are interested in playing….should we find a facility. In the spring David and I will have to make a concerted effort to go looking for a spot to play shuffleboard.“  Reporter Keith Ayling was the reporter. 

We don’t have to tell all Shufflers that this is precisely the type of exposure our sport needs!  Thanks so much to both David and Glenna for their fine work!! 

THE SHUFFLER  2008-10-27. 

Henry Strong Presents the Perkins Award to David!!

This years Perkins award is given to a gentleman who could best be described as a man who speaks softly but carries a big stick, your president and soon to be past president David Earle. David was elected some eight years ago, with a facility bought and paid for Mr. Bob Perkins David’s first task was to raise funds to operate the club.
A plan was established by the board to raise the necessary funds and with the confidence and trust of the members that their hard-earned money that they would donate would be in good hands under David’s leadership, the members raised over 20,000.00 dollars.in six months.
The first order of business was to cover the remaining five courts which some of the courts were in poor condition and a crew of members was assembled to grind down the courts pulling cement blocks up and down the courts scraping with shovels till all the old surface was gone.
With the experience of a member who had built his own court they forged ahead and rebuilt those courts, the courts ran so well the club was the pioneer in what today is called sealed beaded courts. The technology of applying the beads has been perfected over the years and know beaded courts can be found in many facilities throughout Florida and different countries throughout the world.
This club was the first to replace messy, dusty chalkboards with safety glass and magic markers, under David’s leadership the club has become one of the premier clubs in the state of Florida with many improvements over the years and still maintaining a healthy bank balance.
This was accomplished by the unique quality of the president who allowed the board to work within perimeters set by David without interference.
The club was incorporated under his leadership and has maintained a membership of about 150 and runs very smoothly.
The club is most grateful for his expertise and knowledge over the past eight years and wishes him all the best in whatever he chooses to do in the future.
A heartfelt thank you from all your members goes out to David, and his wife, and congratulations on an award well deserved.

Sent from my iPad  (Henry Strong) 2015 12 16

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5 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About David and Glenna Earle.

  1. debsturat says:

    Super nice couple!!


  2. John Houghtaling says:

    All of the members at ZSC have a tremendous amount of respect for these two individuals along with gratitude that is immeasurable for all that they have accomplished and given to ZSC!!!!!


  3. stanistheman says:

    John: You continue to leave insightful comments. Thank You.


  4. Earl A Ball says:

    Fabulous people, wish they were here!
    Wouldn’t be nice to be able to identify our next great leaders.


  5. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Thank you Stan for the lovely post about us. Much appreciated! Thanks to all for your kind comments.It is always great to be recognized for things you do, especially when we really love 💕 doing them. Sorry we will miss seeing all the shuffling gang this winter but will be watching the results closely each week.


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