Glen Peltier Shares “More” From Earlier Times.

When we had a tournament in St. Cloud,  Ft. Pierce, Hollywood and Lake Worth, Winter Haven, Clearwater we knew it was going to be a big, well attended tournament. Can you imagine a tournament with two double charts. A mixed tournament with over a hundred teams. Most of the time we had somewhere around thirty five motor homes with two players in each motor home.  What ever happened?  Well, partley it was the sign of the times.  Several things happened.  Thirty five motor homes became a few too many.  Some  R.V. parks complained. Some clubs could not handle all the parking. Walmart was great but sometimes the number of motor homes were too much for them also. I could understand it all but it was sad to see it end. Now a few allow daytime parking.  I know a few would mention they felt like second class citizens. But we all understood. In Hendersonville we could park in the church parking lot. We would take up a collection and give it to one of the members each week. All of this experience was just part of the past in the wonderful world of shuffleboard.

Glen Peltier 2020 11 03.

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