FSA 2020-2021 P05B NEWSBREAK 

It has come to our attention that six (6) FSA shufflers that attended St. Cloud P05B State Open Tournament were exposed to an individual or individuals that were confirmed as having the Covid-19 Virus. Due to the seriousness of this issue and its effect on our members the following immediate FSA action will be put in place.

FSA President Dave Kudro

In my discussion with the Executive Board and the State Tournament Director, the following must take effect immediately. FSA Shuffleboard players who attended St. Cloud P05B are NOT to attend this Thursday, November 05, 2020, appropriate DISTRICT (Such as Central District Avon Park or Southern District Lee County. District Tournament Directors will be supplied with a list of P05B players that are NOT able to play this week. Two (2) of the (6) with Covid-19 contact have tested negative. Provided we get the results back on all six (6) before the end of the week and they are all negative we will have the scheduled P06 Lee County tournament. If the test results are not back by the end of the week one way or another, the Lee County P06 tournament will have to be canceled. Please keep visiting the FSA Website for the most current information regarding this issue. If there is a change in this directive or a change in your health or to your exposure, you will be notified immediately for your protection. I want to encourage all our members to take the Corona Virus Disease very seriously and take every precaution to not only protect yourself but your whole family.
It has come to my attention that possibly the contact club having their Saturday shuffleboard play was letting the players decide whether or not they wanted to wear a mask. If the clubs are FSA member clubs and do not adhere to FSA protocols these clubs could have their current and future tournaments revoked during the pandemic and FSA safety protocols. FSA members from those violating FSA clubs that do not follow all the safety protocols (such as the mask optional play) could also be barred from both District and State tournament play.
With what happened at P05B the above action is essential in providing a safe environment to all shuffleboard players.
Thank you for your understanding.
David P. Kudro
FSA President

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2 Responses to FSA 2020-2021 P05B NEWSBREAK 

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    All six players have now tested Negative.


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