All of us that follow theshuffler.net comments section are familiar with the name Deb Stuart. I believe she reads every article and comments on almost everyone, soaking up every bit of information she can and now she’s a National Champion!

National Champion Deb Stuart!!

She teamed with Lynda King, who has won many prestigious events, to win the Eastern National women’s doubles Championship. They won the 1st game but were way behind in the 2nd game 40 in the hole to 25 and things stayed bad until the opponents got to 53 and there, they stayed, as Deb and Lynda pecked away until they caught up at 61 with Deb having the hammer from the foot; she scored 24 points to put the match away and win the Tournament Championship!

As a side note, the women didn’t play the 1st day and so Debbie sat and watched me play the 1st match, she had told her husband she was going to play like my tips say I do. After the match she said to me, you really do play the way you say you do (I’m not sure if she thought that meant a little-nuts!) but she went out and played very aggressively and was successful.

Debbie, by the way, is the lady that make the beautiful, multi-piece cue totes. When you buy one of her totes you have done just that. That tote has a forever grantee that it carries with it no matter who has it. She made that piece of equipment herself with all the love and integrate that a person possesses. She doesn’t say that and I only observe it. I know I’m right!

She also plays in International Tournaments, including the Can-Am. All this interest, enthusiasm and involvement and she lives in mid-North Caroline; any ideas how many courts are there? She and husband Darrell built their own!

Earl Ball 9-20-2020

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  1. debsturat says:

    As appreciative as I am of this article, I think it needs to be said one more time!! Lynda King was the “kingpin” in this competition!! I was lucky to team with her…watched her every move and many times just emulated what she did!! The rest I learned from your posts from Earl and Wilbur!! So thanks to all who made this day happen, cause it was simply special!!!!!


  2. Glenna says:

    Well done my dear Deb. You’re a huge asset to shuffleboard and always show that beautiful smile which we love!….and an excellent player!

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  3. seliseq1 says:

    Love this Gal! ❤️


  4. Joan McCurdy says:

    Congratulation Deb. It has been nice to see your comments all season.
    I hope to meet you someday.


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