We Tell You Just a Little About Dick Davis!!!!

       Dick Davis 2011 11 11

Richard (Dick) Davis, A Long Time Significant Contributor To Shuffleboard!!

Dick Davis of Avon Park Shuffleboard Club is shown here holding his Cue, a Cue that belonged to either his Mother or Father who also were significant contributors to the Avon Park Club. Dick’s association with Avon Park began in 1987.  

Dick’s Father and Mother, George & Clara Davis were in charge of shuffleboard at Avon for four years beginning in 1982.  During that same period and for the next 15 years, Dick & Clara provided lessons. 

Dick must have benefited from some of those lessons as the record shows that he was a shuffler in demand as a partner for some of the very best Pros!!  Dick will tell you that he has lost much of that skill set, but don’t you believe it!!!   Kitchen is a big part of his game and nothing makes him happier that to be able to drop his opponent into the kitchen when that is what the situation requires. 

Dick is seldom without that pleasant smile; Dick is seldom without a “good story”, and when he finishes with the story, you too have a smile and a desire to be able to relate the story as he did! 

The Davis family, originally from Maine, has left a legacy far in excess of the norm.  Dick has continued to build on that legacy, first by hosting the George and Clara Memorial Tournament.  Pic on the right is of Dick at one such event; George and Clara are in the photo on the table.  

Later Dick became the sponsor of the very special Avon Park Thanksgiving Day Classic.   This major event attracted in excess of 80 participants annually for many years.  The Avon Park Club, Ralph Day in particular, organized this event.    

Dick has served in many positions on the Board of Avon Park, including that of President.   Next time you see Dick, why not acknowledge the contribution of the Davis Family!!  He will undoubtedly tell you a great story!! 

Stan McCormack.  Lakeland, FL 2011 11 12. 


Dick Fishing

A short while after we moved to AP I was fishing from the shore at Lake Verona.  Some guy came near the shore and yelled, “Hey, Stu, do you want a ride?”  It was Dick.  I got in his boat and saw he had a for sale sign, and I bought it from him.  Then after completely replacing everything on it and adding two new seats I got a job briefly in Nokomis, and sold it back to him.  The funny thing is no matter who owned it, we went out on it almost weekly.  I was also writing a column for Highlands Today and wrote a story about Dick after he fell out of the boat on one of our fishing trips.  Everyone at shuffleboard kidded me about “trying to kill Dick Davis.”  I had so much fun with him.

Stu Cassell.  2016 11 17  Former Member of AP; Now in St Louis.

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1 Response to We Tell You Just a Little About Dick Davis!!!!

  1. Stu Cassell says:

    Even though we’re over a thousand miles away now, we still follow the shuffleboard activities of our friends back in Avon Park. Dick Davis was my mentor, my fishing buddy, and my best friend while we lived in Florida. I was so happy to see he’s doing well and still playing shuffleboard. He must be 101 by now. Ha! Actually, he looks pretty much the same to me as he did when we moved back to St. Louis in 2012. If anyone sees him, give him a hug from his buddies Stu and Mary Rose. I miss fishing with him, his funny stories, and having him beat my butt in shuffleboard.

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