We Tell You Just a Little About the Wuellners.

Presenting Dieter & Lore Wuellner of DE

Friends since the ISA in Australia in 2008. Biltons and Wuellners .

Inspired by their son Sven, Lore and Dieter Wuellner started playing Shuffleboard in 2008.  Lore runs her own company with 40 employees, Dieter is already retired.

The Wuellners participated in the World Championships in Coolangatta, Australia.  You may remember that in Story #10 > Presenting Rendall & Myrna Bilton, Dieter was an integral part of Rendall’s Story.

Since their return from Coolangatta, Shuffleboard has become the favourite activity of Lore and Dieter!  You understand; the Wuellners are neighbours of the Hussmanns, Dieter and Birgitt AND the Hussmanns have a Shuffleboard Court in their back yard.

Lore took part in the 2009 World Singles in Betmar, Florida and finished as the best German female player.

Lore and her son Sven will participate at the World Singles in Dieppe in 2011. The pic at the left is of Dieter, Lore and son Sven who is also an avid shuffler.  This pic was taken at the Australian Outback during the 2008 ISA event in Coolongatta, Australia. 

Dieter played an important part in organizing the World Championship in Germany 2010, where the whole family represented Germany. 

In the summertime, the Wuellner family likes to go sailing on the Baltic Sea.  In fact Dieter is already sailing and will interrupt his holidays to go to Sochi.

Information and Photos Sent Along By Birgitt Hussmann.  

Stan >> 2011 05 07.  Writing in Calabogie, ON




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