We Tell You Just A Little about Don and Bernie Breau.

In Support of Don Breau by Stan McCormack:

This letter is in support of the nomination of Don Breau to become a member of the CNSA Hall of Fame.  The letter is in accordance with the Policy PROCEDURES FOR CANADIAN NATIONAL SHUFFLEBOARD ASSOCIATION HALL OF FAME, SPECIAL AWARD CATEGORY as modified on 2007 10 01 at Midland, ON.  

New Brunswick, under the leadership of Don Breau, was the first province outside of Ontario to become a member of the CNSA.  President Max Tate began the negotiations by letter on October 8th of 2007.  In that same letter, President Tate invited Don (New Brunswick Shuffleboard Assn.) to host our first Inter-Provincial (IP).  Although that did not come to fruition, Don did bring NB into the CNSA in 2008, and he became a CNSA Director in May of 2008.  Don did lead an active Shuffleboard Programme which included hosting the Canadian Senior Games, Shuffleboard. 

Don’s experience in dealing with the Dieppe Town Council for the Senior Games served him well when he became the host of the 30th International World Championship of Shuffleboard, held in Dieppe in August of 2011.  The nature and extent of the involvement and real participation by the Dieppe City Council was a first!  We had Mayor Jean LeBlanc and his wife at our MeetNgreet; we had the Mayor and the entire City Council at our Banquets AND we had city employees fully engaged in the co-ordination and setup of same.  Don had help in the form of a capable Board, but clearly he was their leader.  Don had organized a great group of local shufflers to host the many International Shufflers during the week-long event.  Don and wife Bern, always in support, seemed to be where they were needed, when they were needed!!  A gracious and accommodating couple.    

Here we are in the Spring of 2013, 6 years after the first request to host the IP, and Don and the NB Shuffleboard Community have come through for us!!  Once again NB will host a major Canadian Shuffleboard Event.  Very clearly, Don Breaus’s support of Canadian Shuffleboard has earned him a Special Award in our National Hall of Fame. 

Submitted by Stan McCormack.  2013 01 27.

The following is an excerpt from the championship evaluation written by the ISA President Michael Zellner.

“Mr. Don Breau supported by his fabulous wife Bernie, and his hand-picked team from New Brunswick Shuffleboard Club, where he was President for 15 years, put on one heck of a show for all of us. They can be proud of all their accomplishments and we, for sure, are very proud of them. Don’s support from the City of Dieppe was the most outstanding I have ever seen given to the ISA. Don set standards that forged a new direction for the ISA. Deputy Mayor Paul LeBlanc was there at the opening and almost each day of the event and even got on the court to play with some ISA Pros. As our tournaments are involving more countries and more participants I foresee larger demands being placed on the shoulders of future Tournament Hosts. Don is to be commended for hosting a truly memorable event, which will be very difficult for anyone to outdo.” After this event, the ISA decided to continue holding a World Championship every year although now alternating between Singles and Team events.                                                        

Don has also participated in a total of 3 ISA World Championships and was singled out in 2012 by National Presidents, at the 31st ISA World Championship in Seattle,Washington to receive the prestigious Sportsmanship Merit Award for his friendship and good humor both on and off the courts towards our national and international competitors.                        

Don exemplifies the most sought after qualities that indeed deserve induction into the ISA Hall of Fame and I am proud to nominate a competitor, true sportsman and my friend Don Breau for induction into the ISA Hall of Fame in 2016.


Michael Robert Zellner, President                                       International Shuffleboard Association

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little about Don and Bernie Breau.

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Don and Bernie, what a great couple!
    I miss them.


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