We Tell You a Little About Don Norris.


Don Accepts Framed Certificate For His Generous Donation.

While shuffling on March 02nd, 2007 Don Norris suffered a massive heart attack and despite efforts by fellow shufflers, Don later succumbed.

Don was a Past President of the US National Shuffleboard Association and a most respected and accomplished shuffler. 

He and wife Martha were very generous to others in need as demonstrated by their support of the Katrina Fund Raiser at the Avon Park State Tournament and Katrina Fund Raiser.

Don will be missed by his many friends. 

THE SHUFFLER 2007 03 03.  

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3 Responses to We Tell You a Little About Don Norris.

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    I knew Don and confided in his advice as I was developing the Brazilian National Shuffleboard Association. Could it be that whenever we hear thunder its just Don clearing the board up there?

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  2. seliseq1 says:

    Oh, what a wonderful man!!! He took Stan & I under his wing when we began shuffling in OH about 18 yrs. ago. We learned so much from him & grew to admire him & love both he & Martha. Such a great shuffler & his knowledge of shuffleboard, both the game & the politics was phenomenal. He was a good friend whom we miss so much. Sandi Q.

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  3. Earl Ball says:

    Don was a great competitor!
    I always liked Don.


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