We Tell You Just a Little about Donna and Ed Johnston.


Donna and Ed moved to Woodbrook in the fall of 1990.  Donna shuffled both Park and Tournament shuffling, earning her Pro in 1992.   Donna was also a Central District Tournament Director, always willing to help new shufflers.   Ed became an active shuffler for our park, taking on extra duties willingly.  He shuffled inter-park; down town league; and internationally.  Ed and Donna ran a popular open-to-all shuffleboard program, three days a week, for six months each summer at Wood Brook Estates in Lakeland.    Ed and Donna left Woodbrook for health reasons. 

Ed and Donna represented the US in Japan in 1999 and Australia in 2001.  Ed won 8 of his 11 games; to see how well Donna made out, continue reading!!

Donnas’ Perfect Record took place at the 2001 ISA (International Shuffleboard Assn.) Tournament held in Australia.  Donna is wearing the Medallion which was presented by Buck Buchannan.

Donna Speaks: “When the final game was over, and I had won, I breathed a sigh of relief.  I really hadn’t realized that I had won all of my games till the team captain, Mary Clayton, told me so.  (Mary Clayton was  the US Women’s Team Captain)

My thought was Oh! Really?  Wow!! >> And we won the tournament?   Beat the Canadians??  Terrific!  At a time like that you want to shout We won!! We won!! >> But you don’t, because you know how it feels to lose.  And then there’s a little sense of let-down. It’s all over.  But there is also a quiet inner sense of satisfaction.  We’re going home the winners.” Donna Johnston.  2009-03-23

Just to keep Donna’s feet on the ground so to speak, Wilma tells this cute little story: “My happiest moment ever, shuffling with Donna was the time I put her in the kitchen, not once but twice, and the best part was that she stayed there!!! 


Ed was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2003 for his outstanding contribution with regard to record keeping.  He held the position of KOR (Keeper of Records) for 5 full seasons.  He devel­oped the first fully computerized database to handle all FSA records and devised the current system of entering records into the Preview.  Ed helped develop and then designed the current F.S.A. formats for the FSA “Bye Chart” and “Prize Money” table.

He made State Am his first season and made pro the following season.  In 1992, he placed first in the Central District “Reiny Schleier” amateur singles championship tournament.  Ed has been so busy in volunteer positions involving his managerial skills and computer expertise that he has played very little tournament shuf­fleboard at the state level since 1998.

For your many accomplishments we present to you a Life Membership in the Woodbrook Shuffleboard Club.

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(Prepared by Stan McCormack from the archives of The Shuffler. 2010-03-15)

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just a Little about Donna and Ed Johnston.

  1. debsturat says:

    Wow! Talented!!!


  2. Earl A Ball says:

    Really, really nice people and very good players!


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