We Tell You Just A Little About Doris Bumstead.

Today at 9:11 AM 2015 05 31

On Sat. May 30 2015 , a graveside service was held in the Wyvale Cemetery as a celebration of life for Doris Bumstead who passed away on March 27.

The service was attended by family members and relatives, shuffleboard players and neighbors.

Following the service everyone was invited to the Church Hall in the village of Wyvale for refreshments , fellowship and to reminisce about Doris’s life.

Doris’s granddaughter Doctor Tammy MacLean (daughter of Nancy) gave a very touching eulogy and spoke of her grandmothers life, her love of gardening and of course her love of shuffleboard.

Doris and her late husband Harold spent many winters in Twin Palms mobile home park in Lakeland Florida , and that is where they both became attracted to the game of shuffleboard.

When Shuffleboard began in Coldwater and Doris was one of the very first members. 

She enjoyed the fellowship of others after the games, and her many contributions of cakes and cookies were always a big treat with the shufflers.

 Doris was known for that quiet but very effective big smile she would give an individual if they put her disc into the kitchen , and she never forgot those who did.

Doris was elected Treasurer of the CNSA in 2010, a position she held for the term of two years, and it was during her term as treasurer , an International tournament was being held in Seattle Washington and the Inter Provincial tournament in Innisfail Alberta, and these are always busy times for the treasurer.

I have attached the memory card from the service.

Glenna Earle remarks re Doris 2015 03 27

Am so sorry to hear of Doris’s passing. She was a wonderful lady in every sense of the word.

I remember at the Singles in St Pete’s (2013) having to play Doris. She  had beat me a few times and once again she beat me in the first round when we met.  Later on we had to play each other again.  As the game progressed it was clear that I was going to get the better of her finally. She said to me “ you wouldn’t beat an old lady would you? I would tell everyone it was elder abuse”!

 She was such fun to know and play. I enjoyed her so much and will definitely miss seeing her on the courts.

Farewell my dear friend. RIP.


Doris and Nancy, Mother and daughter, live in Wyevale, ON during the summer. You will find them both enjoying Florida’s sun from mid-fall to the end of March.  However; enjoyment for both is competing in one of Florida’s most highly contested sporting activities, SHUFFLEBOARD.  You will find Doris and Nancy on the Courts 3 to 5 days of every week, maintaining both their health and personal relationships.  Both are Florida “Pros”; that is they have both earned the highest status in the sport.  Progression in Shuffleboard is closely monitored and rigidly controlled by the governing organization, the FSA, (Florida Shuffleboard Association).

The picture above is of the presentation of a Bronze Medal at the Polk County Senior Games, Feb. 26th, 2014 where they finished 3rd in their class.  Last year, 2013, the Mother and Daughter Team finished 1st in class, earning a Gold Medal.  Given the track record of the two, it is not hard to understand why both Doris and Nancy have been selected to represent Canada at the upcoming ISA (International Shuffleboard Assn.) Championship to be held in the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre, Midland, August 11th to the 15th inclusive. Twelve women have been selected to represent Canada. Shufflers from Japan, Brazil, Germany, Norway and Australia will compete against shufflers from across Canada and the United States of America.  Russia, Poland and Nepal are also expected to send teams!!  Why not plan now to show up at the North Simcoe Sports Centre to see if Mother and Daughter, Doris and Nancy will help the Canadian Women Medal in this the 33rd International Shuffleboard World Championship. 

Picture and Story by Stan McCormack.  2014 02 27   

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About Doris Bumstead.

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Two beautiful ladies and do you have any idea how long Glenn has been contributing to our game? Try 20 some odd years, mostly as an administrator. Everyone leans on Glenn for information and advise. I know he is working hard to keep us on the courts right now. Maybe we all need to give him a pass the next time we get upset with something we blame him for.

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