We Tell You Something About Dorothy Spillman Wagsky!!!


                        The Southwest District Pro/Am Tournament hosted by the Palmetto Shuffleboard Club on Thursday, February 28-29- with 50 teams of men and 33 teams of women experienced a Moment in History.

                         The opening ceremony conducted by Jerry Everett of Paradise Bay Estates; also Pres of the Manatee Shuffle League had a unique creative idea that was the brainchild of Jerry and friend Dwayne Cross of Bradenton.

                          Present and future Shuffleboard Hall of Fame members from the Southwest District were invited to participate in an event that has never been experienced in any of the seven districts in the State of Florida. All six districts were asked if this event has ever happened at their Pro/Am tourneys and their response was never and they felt that it was something they would present to their members.

                           Upon the recognition of the Hall of Fame members and a short explanation of requirements for membership, each member drew a name of an amateur, after which they signed a 56th volume of the Preview, presented the book and shook hands with the amateur.

                            The PREVIEW growing from a small handbook of 24 pages in 1952-53 is a stunning volume of 160 pages edited by Darden Nelms and wife Jackie. This “Reference Book” for shufflers is published each October and distributed to all Districts for the club members. The contents are interesting and informative for shufflers of all Classifications.

                            The Hall of Fame members were: Rita Cronkhite Coy, Ben Coy, Mel Erb, Dick and Pat Whitaker, Ann Hersom, Ann and Walt Wedel, Dave Minnich, John L. Brown, Buzz and Betty Downing.

                            The Amateurs will remember this tournament as a MOMENT IN HISTORY and hold this Preview publication special in their memories.

Dorothy Spillman Wagasky, FSA Historian, 2008-03-02     

The Freedom Plaza Shuffleboard Club has been presented a Welcome Banner from the 100th Anniversary Committee.

The Banner has been placed at the Shuffleboard courts located at the Golf View area for welcoming residents to join in the sport of shuffling. SEE THE BANNER IN THE CENTRE PIC AT TOP.

This is also in the recognition of their interest in promoting the sport of Shuffleboard at their residence and attending the 32nd International Shuffleboard competition held in October 2013 at Mirror Lake in St Petersburg, FL.

The shufflers participate every Tues, Thurs. and Sat mornings at 9:00am.

Dorothy Wagasky, professional shuffler is the photographer

This is a beautiful story submitted by Dorothy Spillman – Wa­gasky -Enjoy.

The third annual Spillman Super Senior Shuffleboard Tournament honoring Bob Spillman was in the second day of play on January 31, 2001. Suddenly an unexpected visitor appeared, he was a very tall gentleman dressed in shorts, wearing a stunning white panama hat, holding a well worn newspaper in his hand.

Where is she, this Mrs. Spillman, this woman who appears in this newspaper article?” he declared in a boisterous voice. After being told by a group of women, obviously admiring this very attractive man that Dorothy would be by later. On his departure, he left a business card with words on the back Call Me I Am From Ohio.

The Shufflers had no indication of what was about to happen when the visitor returned at four o’clock. Sparks were about to flash, as he grasped Mrs. Spillman’s hand and announced, “I am here to learn shuffleboard, if I may teach you golf.”

There were may Super Senior Shuffler winners that day. In a very special way Dorothy Spillman was also a winner, as on October 4, 2001, she became the bride of PGA Professional Lt. Col. Sylvester J. Wagasky of Fort Meade. MD.

Shuffleboard remains Dorothy’s prime sport, but she now plays a challenging game of golf as well. Sylvester requested that upon his pass­ing he would like to have a Swing Doctor Golf tournament in his memory. March 13, 2010, on the Freedom Fairways in Sun City Center, FL, Sylves­ter’s memory was honored.

Would another visitor appear at this tournament to find Dorothy?????


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2 Responses to We Tell You Something About Dorothy Spillman Wagsky!!!

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Dorothy is one of shuffleboards all time great people along with Harriet Smith!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    Dear Dorothy, thank you for asking me to partner with you at Tropical Palms in Bradenton a number of years ago. It was my pleasure and honour to both learn from you and get to know you and your life a little.


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