We Tell You Something About Pat and Doug Stockman

Our induction into the Central District Hall of Fame is breaking with tradition. As we are the first husband and wife players to be inducted in the same year, we will present each other.
It is a major accomplishment to reach the 100 points to qualify for the Central District Hall of Fame. We are both proud of our success.
We both graduated from Nova Scotia Teachers College and began teaching careers. Doug graduated in physical education and Pat in home economics. Once the first of our three daughters was born Pat became a full-time homemaker. She became active in her community, becoming involved in her church, Lionettes, and organizations in
which our children were involved. She served as a Girl Guide leader, executive member of Nursery School, Figure Skating Club, and School Band Parents Association. Her hobbies include quilt making including quilting by hand and smocking.
After teaching for a short period of time Doug continued his studies at the university level. Soon he became a school administrator and during his last seventeen years was a senior school board administrator for one of the largest school boards in Nova Scotia. As well, Doug was active in his community. Lions Club work was a passion for
Doug. He held nearly every office on the executive of the Berwick and District Lions Club and is presently a Life Member of both the Lions Club and the Nova Scotia School Administrators Association. Doug was a basketball referee at the university level, provincial rulers interpreter, and college commissioner. In 2004 he received the
Canadian Wink Willox Award of Merit for outstanding contributions made to basketball and basketball officiating. In July we will celebrate 57 years of marriage. Along with having each other, our lives mainly center on our family and in particular our three grandchildren.
To reflect on our shuffleboard background is an interesting story. Unlike many of you who started playing in tournaments early in your shuffleboard career, we began by shuffling seven days a week at Sanlan. In addition, we were involved in an active inter park program, playing as partners. Eventually, we felt we needed a challenge beyond park and interpark playp and decided to try our first tournament at Winter Haven. We moved along at the same rate and within two years achieved pro status. We have been blessed with our tournament play as we have met so many accomplished shufflers and outstanding people. Many of those we have met have become lifelong friends.
We have played in three Canadian Interprovincial Tournaments, as well as one International Tournament with good success. A private members bill by the Nova Scotia Legislature has recognized our success at the interprovincial and international levels. We have both served on the executive of the Nova Scotia Saltwater Shuffleboard Club
since its beginning and are active participants there during the summer months.
We are proud of our induction into the Central District Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. As you all know we have so many competitive players in our district, that you must have a strong partner in order to accumulate the necessary points for entry into the Hall of Fame. Thank you to all those partners who have made it possible for us to be here today.
Thank you, thank you

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2 Responses to We Tell You Something About Pat and Doug Stockman

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    This is a great tribute to a marvelous couple who are dearly missed !


  2. Earl Ball says:

    I miss both of you, but not Pat beating up on me!

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