McCormacks and Sauerwines are Honoured in Lakeland, FL 2016 02 13.

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McCormacks ; Sauerwines LeaveJerry Deren was the MC this morning (2016 02 13) at Lakeland Shuffleboard Club for a special presentation to Four Club Members who are leaving the Club indefinitely.     

IMG_2696 Jerry DerenJerry Speaks:  Hello & good morning everyone:     We are here today, to not only shuffle in the 2016 Lakeland Shuffleboard club doubles tournament, but also to demonstrate our appreciation to our friends Paul & Marion Sauerwine and Stan & Lois McCormack.

   Paul Sauerwine has been the President of the Lakeland Shuffleboard club for five + years.  He and Marion worked tirelessly to make our    shuffleboard club one of the best in FL.  Paul was instrumental in helping maintain the courts and discs; conversing with the city of Lakeland on issues concerning our courts; organizing and getting the membership book printed; making coffee @ the REINEY & potluck events; cleaning the restrooms & making sure there was paper hand towels & toilet paper, getting food for the REINEY & other events. This was all done with Marion’s significant advice and assistance. …

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1 Response to McCormacks and Sauerwines are Honoured in Lakeland, FL 2016 02 13.

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    I miss a lot of players and people from the past but I really Miss Paul and Marion.
    I wish you both well; just great people!

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