We Tell You Just A Little About Elsie Teulon.

Sent along by Sandi Quinn in 2007

ELSIE TEULON, (Saskatchewan) has a total of 904 lifetime pts. and has shuffled for 24 yrs.  She has shuffled other places besides TX and has shuffled on ‘beads’.  She doesn’t care for the 75 pt., 2 out of 3 games because it takes too long, but says she thinks she could get to like playing on ‘beads’ because of the fastness.  She was not aware that other states, other countries or Canada had shuffleboard websites.  She feels skill and strategy are equally important in playing the game but did not comment on which she feels is her strongest.  She has played on the National Team for Canada and in the Australian Inaugural Tournament.  She enjoyed the different courts and the many friends she made during these two events.  Elsie said, “I have placed 1st (1991), 2nd, and 3rd in National tournaments.  I’ve played on many different court surfaces.  I helped to get shuffling going in Ranchero Village, Weslaco, TX.  No matter where I’ve played, the shufflers have been just great.  TX shuffleboard compares well with all states and provinces I’ve played in.  In my area of Canada, we play the same as in TX.  It’s been a wonderful time!”  Elsie is a member of the TSSA and RGVSA Halls of Fame.

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