We Tell You Just a Little About Evan and Ann Engell


Co-host of the 40th ISA World Championship Speaks!!! In Response to a Suggestion by Glen Peltier

Posted on 2020-05-04 by stanistheman

Going to San Benito TX October 2021 of ???  You Should Not Miss It!!

It would be absolutely awesome to have Earl there. Glen Peltier suggested that I do everything I can to get Earl to participate!!  Our Courts are indoor climate-controlled “Florida” style/speed courts with the beads painted in. They are consistent and just a lot of fun. I would love to watch Earl on these courts. I had the pleasure of watching Earl play at the Lakeside Nationals last July. Unfortunately, it was as his opponent. Red Rudolph and I drew Earl and Bill Hoyer in the first round. They went on to win first in Main while Red and I went on to win first in Consolation. Watching the three of them at my court was just awe-inspiring and a real highlight in my shuffleboard career.
What would be icing on the cake for me, and I’m serious, is to have the then Cdn. President, (Glen Peltier) an attendee from the 6th ISA, show up again to play. Earl and Glen both in my park in Texas at the same time. It gives me goosebumps. Folks will be thrilled.
For those of you who know our courts, watching matches is a major hurdle. The builders of the courts did not take that into consideration at all. We know we are going to have hundreds of people in attendance just to watch. Ann and I are planning on setting up the dance hall (seats 1,000 people) with big screens showing a few matches at a time “live”. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but if the techie Gods are with us, these will be watched from the dance hall and live on the internet. This tournament will truly be one for the history books at it will be forever memorialized.
I can’t wait.   Evan Engell. 2020 05 03.

Go to this address to read what Glen Peltier thought of the 6th ISA Event held in San Benito >> Glen Shares His Experience of the 6th ISA, Attending as the CNSA President. | Your Source for Shuffleboard News (theshuffler.net)

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  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Evan & Ann ….You are doing an outstanding job of preparing for the 40th ISA Championship in 2021. It’s so nice to see how you both are filled with enthusiasm for this event.
    Thanks for all your work

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