We Tell You Just A Little About Frank Willson

Past President Willson was asked during an interview at his residence in Lindsay, ON, on April 11th, 2006, to talk about Shuffleboard during his Presidency.  Rightfully, Frank zeroed in on the fact that it was when he was President that Canada was successful at bringing the 1st International Event to Canada, and also front and centre was the “Winning Record” of Canada during that same period.  He was quick to point out that he had a willing and capable Board, a Board always willing to work to make things happen.  All Members of the CNSA express their appreciation to Frank on the occasion of his induction into the Hall of Fame.  Blackstock, ON 2006 05 30.   

During an interview with Frank Willson, President of the CNSA for the Five Year Period Beginning 1987 and ending in 1992, it quickly became evident that Frank has nothing but fond memories of his tenure as President.  (Frank followed Glen Peltier and preceded Catherine McCreery as President).

Frank began the interview by telling me how the CNSA Executive had been successful at getting $25,000.00 for the Lindsay ISA Tournament.  This was a first for Canada, the 1st International Event in Canada, and even more gratifying for Frank, in his home town of Lindsay.  Under Frank’s leadership, a significant amount of money had been raised; full and complete arrangements for the Lindsay ISA resulted in a most successful tournament.  Frank explained enthusiastically how his Board made several trips to Lindsay and Thetford to complete planning details.

Lindsay had just opened their new Twin Pad Arena Complex, c/w swimming pool and this became the centre of activities with the sight seeing taking place in Peterborough. 

With satisfaction, Frank recalled that during his time in office, Canada had won the ISA every year with the exception of one year in Arizona where the Canadian Men lost.  The Women won them all!!  Don Kleckner, ISA President at that time would say: “Willson, You are sending your best players, and I would say YOU ARE CALLING THIS THE OLYMPICS OF SHUFFLEBOARD, I said if you want to call it a birthday party or a spring fling or a fall fair, I will send different people every year but as long as it is the Olympics, I am sending the best.”!! “My entire Executive was behind me, Vicky Klym and Catherine and Austin, they all said we’re sending the best.”

“The ISA knew that when we didn’t have people from the other provinces, they knew that we weren’t organized; there were no associations anywhere ~~ only in Ontario.  I tried when we went to Arizona; I had a meeting with all the Westerners; we had 40 of them there one night. We wanted them to form associations and to give us a recommendation as to the people they would have play in the International.”   

When asked what he considered to have been his major successes while President, Frank responded: “Really I was very disappointed that I could not get Canada organized; that was what I had hoped to do ~~ and I couldn’t get the West to go along with it.  We had wonderful National Tournaments as well; I used to run tournaments at Thetford and we would have 100 players signed up ~~ and that would go 3 days.”  Frank and his friend Pat (Elliott) will be in attendance at the President’s Dinner to be held in Blackstock on May 30th, 2006.  Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER.  2006 04 19 14:30    

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