We Tell You Just A Little about Fred VAEREWYCK.

Today at 8:55 PM 2014 05 26

Fred Vaerewyck of PEI writes:  Stan:  Thank You for Writing.  We started the eastern PEI Shuffleboard Club on June 3 2013.  

We played once a week and we filled 5 courts a night.  Every Wednesday night we play at Cavendish wellness center, Montague PEI.  At present we have about 40 members. We play 3 games of 16 frames each. 

We were the first shuffleboard on PEI. I hear that there are a couple of groups that want to start a club as well.  That would be great.  Right now the nearest shuffle club is Moncton NB or Halifax NS or Pugwash NS.  They are all a good distance from here.  A small group of us did go to Moncton for a day of play and we really enjoyed that.

Moncton (Dieppe) shuffleboard club came to play here as well.  It was great.  We play on the ice surface of the arena so we can only play until the first week of Sep. We have a plan in the works to expand to 6 rollup courts so we can play all year.  We plan to put on a membership drive this summer so our first game is Wed. June 4 at 7:00 p.m.  We really have a great group of people in our club so I know that the upcoming season will be a great success!! 


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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little about Fred VAEREWYCK.

  1. Bev says:

    Is there shuffle board this Fall in PEI?


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