We Tell You Just A Little About Fred Wilkens.

I have just to-day, 2015 09 26, been advised of the death of Fred Wilkens.  I believe the remarks by Max Tate on the occasion of Fred’s induction into the CD HOF are a fitting eulogy to Fred.   Our very best to Elizabeth and Family.  No Memorial Service has been announced.  Stan McCormack.

Fred Wilkens

Fred Wilkens having served as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association Central District for two years, automatically qualifies for induction into the Central District Hall of Fame.

In describing Fred, many words come to mind. A leader, sincere, honest, decisive, conscientious, a good listener, affable, just to name a few.

Over the past two years, the Central District organization has flourished under Fred’s guidance.

Fred served six years on the Central District Board; the last two as President.

As a member of the Lakeland Shuffleboard club, Fred has been the membership chairman during the past 5 years. He has directed tournaments the last two years for the District and assisted with State tournaments. Fred has also acted as Shuffleboard event manager for Polk County Senior games the past five years.

As a player, Fred participated 6 times in the Central District Reiny/Masters, competing in each of the classifications;- District Amateur, State Amateur and Pro. Fred won the Reiny event as a District Amateur for the 1997/1998 season and earned Pro status for the 1999/2000 season.

They say that behind every successful man stands a good woman and I believe that to be true with Fred. Elizabeth has always shown her full support to Fred in his leadership rolls.

Over the years, Fred has developed a reputation as a player with a flair for scoring tens when shooting for an eight. This was ever so true several years back when I played against Fred in a Singles event on court 2 at Winter Haven. Fred missed one shot during the entire game; that being a ten instead of an eight. Being the honest person that he is, he admitted to trying for the eight.

I congratulate Fred on his many achievements in the realm of shuffleboard and declare him duly inducted into the Central District Hall of Fame.

Presentation by Max Tate 2004 03 20. 

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