We Tell You Just A Little About Glen Peltier.

HOF Remarks: GLEN PELTIER – Player
Clearwater – West Coast District
GLEN PELTIER became an Instant Pro on October 31, 1984, at the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club. Hall of Fame candidates must have accumulated at least 200 points; Glen easily surpassed that requirement by amassing an amazing total of 500 points at the time of his induction on February 20, 1995, at Lake Worth. He ended the 1994-95 season with 72 points (70 in Main events and 2 in Consolation), easily leading the Gold Medal winners as a very popular champion. Thus, he will begin the 1995-96 playing season with a total of 521-lifetime
points! Glen played his first Masters tournament in 1986 and has continued playing in the F.S.A.’s most prestigious event every year since that time. He has won the Masters four times — his most recent win in the 1995 Masters. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face and is considered by many players as Shuffleboard’s Ambassador of Good Sportsmanship. During Glen’s Pro career, he has missed only one state tournament, and he also plays in most West Coast District tournaments. When he isn’t playing the sport he loves, he teaches individuals and groups or is involved in projects related to the game. An ultimate champion, Glen eagerly shares his wealth of knowledge with players who are anxious to improve their game. He says that shuffleboard has given him so much happiness that he feels a great debt of gratitude and will do anything he can for the sport he loves. The shuffleboard community is proud to add the name of Glen Peltier to the roster of Champions in the F.S.A.’s Hall of Fame.


 Glen Peltier was the 2nd President of the CNSA.  He followed Jack House and preceeded Frank Willson, serving from 1985 to 1987. 

Glen was President of the Club on the Marchand farm for 2 years.  When the Marchand Club closed, Glen became the very first President of the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club in Chatham, ON.  He was instrumental in gaining the grant money for the Club, so badly needed, and so effectively put to use.   

Glen was very active in the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club of Chatham, ON.  Among other things he provided lessons to all who wished to participate; an activity that resulted in the Chatham Club picking up new members on a regular and frequent basis. 

Glen’s lessons ran about 45 minutes and he followed this by pairing his students and coached them while they played. At the end of the season he organized a “fun tournament” and gave every player a trophy. 

Glen carried on this activity each year until he left Chatham.  He returned in the 90s and again provided lessons. The membership grew to about 150 members and Glen was responsible for much of that growth.  He was a great asset to the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club.  

Information assembled by Alf Primeau and Stan McCormack

Glen Served as President of the FSA.

Glen Peltier, President’s Award, FSA HOF by Jim Allen.

Posted on 2013-01-15 by stanistheman


I would like to tell a Dickens story, an adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Its called A Shuffleboard Story, and its about 3 ghosts that came to me in a dream. Each ghost represented Glen Peltier’s Legacy…..Past, Present and Future.

The first ghost that visited me was The Ghost of The Legacy of Glen Peltier Past.  He took me to Canada, and I saw an honored young man in Ontario building clubs in Chatham Ontario. He taught new members, worked to get grant money, built courts. He became the CNSA President in 1985 as the sport grew and grew. The ghost then takes me to Florida, where I see Glen Peltier working with the FSA to grow the professional game throughout the state. I see Glen Peltier teaching on shuffleboard courts all over the state, visiting hundreds of parks and teaching thousands of players. He shows me Glen Peltier convincing Sam Allen to build a lighter cue, made of graphite, and The Buggy Whip Cue is born. He takes me to 1994 where Glen works hard to produce a video as another aid to teach new players. Then he takes me to 2006 and Glen is working tediously to pen the world’s best-selling book on shuffleboard — again to teach shuffleboard players. And the Ghost of The Legacy of Glen Peltier Past smiled.

The second night I was visited by the Ghost of The Legacy of Glen Peltier Present. This Ghost took me to the FSA website, and he clicked on the link to the lifetime points standings…..and there is Glen Peltier’s name on top, with 1,262 points. He shows me a Masters Records Book where Glen Peltier has qualified for 25 Consecutive Masters. He shows me where Glen Peltier has won 4 Masters. He takes me to the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club on a Wednesday, and there is Glen Peltier giving free lessons, as he has done for so many years. He sees Glen teaching hundreds of players….and The Ghost of the Legacy of Glen Peltier Present smiled.

The third night I was visited by The Ghost of The Legacy of Glen Peltier Future. It was the year 2113. He also takes me to Ontario Canada, but this time I am watching a family gathered around a large screen TV and the father is showing the virtual CNSA HOF to them his children, and to his parents as well. He is pointing to Glen Peltier and explains how this is one of the founding fathers of their family’s sport. The man then tells them that this is the man that wrote the book that later was downloaded as an app onto each persons smart phone.

The Ghost of the Legacy of Glen Peltiers Future then takes me to Florida, where the FSA is celebrating The 200th Anniversary of Shuffleboard in Florida.  Everyone has on Celebration T-shirts, and Glen Peltiers image is on them.   It is the Masters tournament and the contestants are in a heated debate over which record will be broken first….Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak, or Glen Peltiers FSA points total? You see, both records are still intact as of 2113. The Universe’s first Inter Planetary Shuffleboard Match between Earth and Mars is being held, and the winner will receive the Golden Bear Trophy, named after Glen Peltier. And the Ghost of The Legacy of Glen Peltier Future smiled. For this Ghost realizes that the future of shuffleboard, the game that everyone is playing now, is the real Legacy of Glen Peltier.

What this all means to me is this……Shuffleboard is Universal. It is for the young, it is for seniors. It is for the handicapped — it is for the athlete. It is a culmination of what Glen Peltier did in the Past, what Glen Peltier continues to do Presently, and because of his efforts, The Future of Shuffleboard is the greatest Legacy of Glen Peltier.

Jim Allen

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4 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Glen Peltier.

  1. Earl Ball says:

    It is impossible to say enough about Glen! He is easily the most successful player of my time but his success and contribution to shuffleboard goes way beyond play. We have all talked about his teaching and the many things he has done to teach but if you wanted to have a seminar to get new and not so new players invigorated you called Glen and he packed the house. If you needed equipment you called Glen and he was and still is there. Nobody has tried harder or worked longer to make us succeed than Glen!

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  2. Dave Minnich says:

    Glen is beyond any doubt the true ambassador of shuffleboard. There is no part of shuffleboard that does not have Glen’s name attached. I have probably played more tournaments with Glen as his partner in the past 10 years as any one and can tell you that he still has the fire in his belly about this great game and I am proud to call him–my friend.

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  3. stan and betty bober says:

    I can not add much to the great remarks that Earl and Dave gave and proud I can also call Glen my friend! I’ve been in awe watching his mastery on the shuffleboard courts along with his tireless teaching of the game. Betty and I not only enjoyed Glen taking his lessons but buying his equipment.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Joan McCurdy says:

    I respect and appreciate all you have contributed to shuffleboard.
    Thank you, Glen.

    Liked by 1 person

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