We Tell You Just A Little About Glenn Monroe

We Tell You Something About Our Tournament Director, Mr. Glenn Monroe.

Glenn Monroe is originally from the small town of Caledonia, located in western Michigan, south of Grand Rapids.  He moved to Detroit in 1966 to study at Wayne State University.  He joined the Detroit Police Department in 1970 and retired from there in 1996.  After two years with the University of Detroit-Mercy, where he served as the Deputy Director of Public Safety, he moved to Florida with his wife, Donna.  Soon thereafter, he began playing shuffleboard at the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.  He spent four years as the club’s president, during which time he was also trained as a tournament director.  He subsequently served eight years on the board of the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Central District (two years as president).  In 2008, he was appointed to the post of F.S.A. State Tournament Director, a post that he continues to proudly hold.  When meetings of the FSA need rulings and interpretations, he is the GO TO guy and he does it in a calm and thoughtful manner. He quite simply is shuffleboard’s King Solomon.  

Glenn also serves as Director of Shuffleboard for the Florida Sports Foundation and National Tournament Director for the U.S. National Shuffleboard Association.  He has directed seven International tournaments:  United States (2009, 2013, 2015, 2016), Germany (2010); Canada (2011) and Brazil (2017.)    

Glenn was elected to the Central District Hall of Fame in 2010, the International Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame in 2013, and the Florida Shuffleboard Assn. Hall of Fame in 2015.    On the occasion of being awarded the 100th Anniversary Committee Most Valuable Person Pin, it was pointed out that Glenn had served inter alia, 4 terms as president of the Lakeland Club; 2 terms as Central District President; webmaster for the Central District AND Florida State; demanding positions which he still holds.  Unbeknown to many, Glenn serves as the Event Manager for Polk County Senior Games, a significant personal commitment that Glenn has taken on since 2006.   Glenn devoted considerable time in developing a Player Package to explain to new players, what they could expect when they entered a tournament.  The package was well received in some Districts of the FSA.  In his role as State TD, Glenn is always willing to provide written explanations to questions of concern.   He has been known to show up at key events even though he is not directing, a practice found to be favorable to participants, especially Amateurs. 

Glenn has a penchant for motorcycles and sporty cars; it is hard to predict the vehicle in which he will arrive at any given tournament??  Space does not permit me to include pix!!    Glenn has a pleasant and attractive wife Donna, and although we seldom see her, we do know she has her own career. 

Glenn has experienced health problems but his courage and determination have prevented these from interfering with his great desire to serve his fellow shufflers.

Thank You Glenn Monroe for providing professional Service to the Shuffleboard World. 

Stan McCormack. 

12 Years of Dedicated Service to Seniors.  Event Manager Glenn Monroe

Glenn Monroe will AGAIN be On Duty as the Event Manager of the Polk Senior Games beginning Monday, February, 29th, 2016. No big deal you might say, that is unless you stop and think of the personal commitment required to fulfill the responsibilities of the position of Event Manager for the Polk Senior Games!! No big deal unless you realize that Glenn has been carrying this Role, every year since 2006 along with his significant related responsibilities in the World of Shuffleboard.  

Event Manager is indeed an appropriate title but as you will read, Glenn’s life has been and continues to be, one of Continuous Service to his fellow Man!! Glenn is the State Tournament Director for the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.), the favored Tournament Director for International events and also the Tournament Director for the USA NSA (National Shuffleboard Assn.)

Glenn began his service to the ISA (International) Membership during the 2009 28th ISA World Championship in Betmar. His 2nd tour of duty was in Hohenroda (Hesse) Germany on the occasion of the 2010 29th ISA World Championship. He served as the Tournament Director for the prestigious 32nd ISA World Championship held in St Petersburg, FL in 2013 and again in Clearwater for the 34th ISA (International) event; in St Cloud, FL for the 35th; in Brazil for the 36th; in High River Alberta for the 37th.    

Glenn is a retired Detroit Police Department command officer and former commander with the University of Detroit-Mercy Department of Public Safety.  He moved to Florida in 1998 where he took up the sport of shuffleboard and soon earned “Pro” status.  He served four terms as the president of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club and two terms as president of the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Central District.  Glenn is currently the State Tournament Director for the Florida Shuffleboard Assn., a most respected position which offers the opportunity for the incumbent to demonstrate his diplomatic skills as he is compelled to “make a call”, not only on the Courts, but in the Board Room. Glenn’s knowledge and willingness to serve has seen the Chief TD Role morphed into a combination of Parliamentarian and Rule Interpreter!!

Each Shuffler in the Polk Senior Games, each Shuffler in the ISA and each Shuffler in the FSA join with me in expressing appreciation to Glenn Monroe for the professional service he provides to each of us.

Thank You Glenn!!! Stan McCormack, 2016 02 29. 

St Patrick’s Day Celebration with a Local Connection!!

There are few shufflers in the World who have not seen Glenn Monroe. Glenn is the State Tournament Director and as such you may find him almost anywhere there is a sanctioned State Shuffleboard Event. 

That is not all that exposes Glenn to the Shuffleboard World!! He is most frequently the TD at International Shuffleboard events, events which take place annually.  ALSO, Glenn manages the Polk Senior Games, an event that had 140 odd shufflers in the Any Doubles this year.  No, we are not finished; Glenn can often be found directing US National Tournaments!! 

I think you are getting my point? Glenn Monroe is a MOST SEEN GUY!  He always shows up at FSA Banquets and seems like the type of “guy” a woman just might like to spend some time with????  I ASK YOU; HAVE YOU EVER SEEN GLENN WITH HIS WIFE?? 

Well, on March 16th, 2014, Stan and Lois enjoyed the company of Glenn and his wife Donna for an Irish Dinner in our home in Lakeland, FL.  Donna demonstrated her sense of humor by saying, when the subject came up, that in fact she was a paid escort for the evening!!  We had a Great Irish Dinner, and a Greater Visit with Glenn and his pleasant and attractive wife Donna. 

Stan McCormack. 2015 03 16.  


Freedom Is The Right to Choose!!

This man encouraged us to choose Beneficent over Churlish!! Read This Article & Decide If He Was Right??  

GLENN MONROE IS THE PRESIDENT OF CENTRAL DISTRICT Glenn Monroe, as demonstrated by his performance since taking up the sport of shuffleboard, has a sincere desire to produce positive results with respect to the game he loves.   If one is to judge what is important, what is beneficial to the sport, that is the area where Glenn has placed public emphasis, one could be excused for thinking that Glenn’s priority is  increasing our knowledge and understanding of the English Language!!  It is only when you look beneath the surface, that you realize that Glenn is hoping that we, as responsible shufflers do far more than improve our vocabulary!! 

My rationale: Remember last year (2008-9) when Glenn got all FL Central District Shufflers thinking of how each of us could become more civil while shuffling??  He gave us his chosen word, knowing that most of us would have to look it up to determine the meaning!!  In so doing each of us reflected on just how civil we actually were.  The chosen word in 2008-9 was churlish!!  At that time The Shuffler put it this way: “Not to be churlish requires constant vigilance; it requires that you erase those bad manners; that you cease to be sullen and miserly, and that you become the civil person shuffleboard demands!!!”  The Shuffler went on to say: “Kudos to Glenn”

The 2009-10 season is upon us and Glenn has a new word for us >> a new objective for each of us to work toward!!  I believe that if one is to pursue this objective, the Sport of Shuffleboard will be the BETTER FOR IT!!  OK, you ask; what is the word of the year this time??  Are you ready? It is a bit of a tongue twister: Beneficent is the word chosen by Glenn, the word he will present at most of the Central District Tournaments!  If at first you do not grasp the full meaning, continue your Journey of discovery.  The journey will result in a Win-Win for Shuffleboard; you will win and shuffleboard will win!!

The dictionary tells us that to be Beneficent is to produce benefits or advantages; doing good or charitable acts!! 

One example, by Glenn, to demonstrate that he is not just preaching, but rather living the meaning: To-day, 2009-11-10, while paying a visit to the Lakeland Club where a FL State Am tournament was in the final stages, I checked the chart and noted that Glenn was the sole sponsor of the event!!  The Shuffler repeats our observation of last year: “Kudos to Glenn”!!!!

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler.  2009-11-10

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7 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Glenn Monroe

  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Wow! Thanks, Stan.

    On Fri, Nov 27, 2020 at 10:23 PM Your Source for Shuffleboard News wrote:

    > stanistheman posted: ” We Tell You Something About Our Tournament > Director, Mr. Glenn Monroe. Luv that Machine!!Glenn and Wife DonnaDonna & > GlennGlenn’s Daughter, Glenna Earle and GlennMVP Presentation Glenn’s > FatherYES, THAT IS GLENN!! Much Younger GlennOLYMPUS DIGITA” >

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  2. Glen Peltier says:

    Glen Monroe sets the perfect example of THE BUCK STOPS HERE. All the pressure is at the top and that is where Glenn sits. Glenn has no favourites. Glenn makes the decisions and no one challenges him, One of the reasons no one challenges Glenn is he has the knowledge of the Roberts Rule of Order plus the shuffleboard rules inside out. I believe Glenn is doing the job of six people that needs to be done by one person. We all pray for Glenn to have good health. It is a selfish prayer because we really need him. So Glenn, do your exercise for both you and the rest of us including Donna. Glen Peltier

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  3. Glenna Earle says:

    Thanks Stan for an excellent review of an excellent man! So loved our time with Kelly and the picture of the 3 of us. You’re a special guy Glenn, worthy of every one of the accolades you’ve received. Thanks for continuing to serve our shuffleboard community.

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  4. Earl A Ball says:

    Glenn is a ROCK for shuffleboard!
    He is always up for a new challenge and has taken on more responsibilities over time and never left a loose end. We need Glenn; I hope we haven’t over loaded him. I am sure all of us appreciate his hard work and realize we wouldn’t be playing right now if it wasn’t for his hard work.

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  5. debsturat says:

    “He quite simply is shuffleboard’s King Solomon” — what an awesome, respectful title, — well deserved!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. seliseq1 says:

    Never a nicer gentleman, ever!! And, he really knows his stuff about shuffleboard!

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  7. Myrna Bilton says:

    So blessed to have had Glenn on my journey of life.

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