We Tell You Just A Little About Grace Lintz



Medals are now an integral part of the ceremony and celebration associated with finishing in first, second or third place. Awarding medals for the first 3 places began in Germany at the 29th ISA World Championship, Team Event. 

However; we have not always had the medal and I thought it would be worth recording how it all came about.  Following the 2004 ISA Mesa event, the AZ State Shuffleboard Assn. decided to give a medal to each “Arizonian” who participated.  Grace Lintz, a Canadian Shuffler who winters in AZ, was familiar with this practice.  Grace participated in the very successful Niteroi, Brazil ISA of 2005.  After returning to Canada Grace reflected on the event and shared her observations with Michael Zellner, the Brazilian President.  Grace’s E-mail follows in part:

 “Again my disappointment in coming home to the question of “Where is your Medal?”  World Champion’s with no Medal to prove and display.    It is unconscionable that a WORLD CLASS EVENT would not award Medals to winning athletes.  I would envision a Closing Ceremony to include medals being presented to each winner together with handshakes and a team photo.

In closing again, my many thanks and appreciation to Michael Zellner and his crew for the fantastic Tournament in Brazil – an event to long remember as being most enjoyable and memorable.

Grace Lintz, Team Canada”  

Michael accepted the suggestion graciously, supported the concept, and invited Grace to send along the idea following the “chain of command” (Remember, Michael is an “old” military man). 

Grace did just that! The Shuffler published her idea and the idea was picked up by Jim and Beth Allen of Allen R. Shuffleboard Co. Inc. who donated the Gold Medal to all members of the 1st Place Team in both the Men’s and the Women’s Divisions beginning in Lakeside, OH at the 25th ISA World Championship and continued the practice up to and including the 29th ISA.  Beginning with the 29th ISA, Medals were given to the top 3 places, Gold Silver and Bronze.  The Medals are now purchased from M&M of Arizona.   

Thanks to the Arizona Shuffleboard Assn; thanks to Grace Lintz; to Michael Zellner; & to The Shuffler; but most of all, thanks to Jim and Beth for their generous support of International Shuffleboard. 

And now you know how the idea of one person has evolved into one of the more memorable and significant aspects of the ISA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.  I will now begin a series of postings, c/w pix, giving you the names of recent medal winners.   

Stan McCormack. 2012 08 20. 


Grace Lintz is an articulate spokesperson when it comes to advancing the cause of promoting shuffleboard!!  She has offered praise when warranted as well as constructive criticism.  Grace is pictured at the top, wearing an attractive “world-class medal”!!  Was it given to her by the ISA by reason of her participation as a Canadian Woman Team Player who just happened to place 1st in the 24th ISA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil??  Not a chance!!  No pin was presented at that time; no medal; and no acknowledgment from the ISA President that the Canadians had placed 1st.  Michael Zellner, President of the host nation Brazil, did acknowledge the win.  How much greater the impact had the ISA President made a formal grandiose presentation a la Olympic tradition??  How much additional promotion for our Sport would have been achieved??  Shufflers; we need all the promotion we can possibly get!!  As Grace has said in an e-mail to me: “  I think particularly of the Japanese who have been so faithful in coming to the different countries and wouldn’t they be so proud to present to their country a medal, be it 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.“ That pride is radiated in the pix of Grace! That pride is evident to those who see the Medal and question its significance!!  That folks is just one small way to promote our sport!! 

We do hope the ISA EX will “get it right” at Lakeside, OH.  Stan of THE SHUFFLER: 2006 05 31.  

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Grace Lintz

  1. Michael says:

    I was faced with 2 options to respond to Grace. First was simply state’”it’s the way the ISA has been doing it since it’s inception”
    I proudly chose to take it up the chain with my supporting comments to the current ISA President Joseph Messier. who also added his supportive comments and took it to the ISA board. And we all know the rest of the story. All members of the winning team both Men and Women are forevermore presented with Gold medals. One little voice can make a difference.

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  2. Earl A Ball says:

    Stan you’ve done an outstanding job of bringing long past friends back to life with this series. I miss Grace but I had forgotten about her and many others. Thanks for bringing them back.

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