We Tell You Just A Little About Grant Boshart.

Hollywood Had the Golden Globe Awards (2007 01 15)
Shuffleboard Had The Hall of Fame Inductions!!

It’s a pleasure to stand before you
this evening with the opportunity
to talk about a great Champion,
Grant Boshart. Grant accumulated
the required 200 points in only his
fifth season so you know he was
already an accomplished player when
he decided to join the Florida
Shuffleboard Association Pro
circuit. He learned the game and
became a fine player in the leagues
playing around the Western
District; Karl Matchett recognized his great potential and picked him
up to play no two pro district tournaments, giving him a chance to be
noticed by other fine players. The incomparable, Mary Button, decided
he was ready and took him as a partner in the “Presidents Cup”, mixed
doubles tournament in Clearwater; what a way to start! I remember she
set him straight right off the bat and let him know there would be no
nonsense, he’d play right or else. He did, they won, he became an
instant Pro and he kept on winning, 24 Championships on his way to 200
points. He’s won the National Singles three times as well as the “Roll
of Champions” and finished up his 200 points the only way he knew how
by winning a Championship in Hollywood, I was lucky enough to be on the
other end. Grant has won the Canadian National Singles and Doubles as
well as the Ontario Singles and Doubles and will be inducted into the
Ontario Shuffleboard “Hall of Fame” this summer for his accomplishments
in Canada.
Please join me in the honor of presenting a great Champion, Grant
Boshart for induction into the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Hall
of Fame”.
Earl Ball on the Occasion of Grant’s Induction into the FSA HOF on 2007
01 15.

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