We Tell You Just A Little About Gus Bondi.


At Gus’s Induction into the FL Central District Hall of Fame, the very first person he recognized and thanked was wife Marie. Marie served as his Secretary during Gus’s term of office as President of the ISA and has travelled extensively with Gus on his Shuffleboard Exploits!!  Gus went on to thank his many partners who assisted him in gaining the requisite 100 points needed for entry into the HOF.  Above left is Gus, caught in one of his many enthusiastic and exuberant moods as he embraces Lois at a St Cloud event where they finished in first place in the Championship event.   

Gus was presented by Gerry Stannard, longtime friend and frequent shuffleboard partner.  In his acceptance Gus paid tribute to those early shufflers who assisted him during his learning period, many who came from other Parks to shuffle with Gus in the morning at Winter Haven, Gus’s home club at the time. 

Gus has since left Winter Haven and moved to Zephyrhills where he is a staunch, loyal, active and respected member of the Zephyrhills Club. 

Gus is a Past President of the ISA, the US NSA and is currently the 1st VP of the US NSA.  Few Shufflers devote more time and energy to the Game they love.  Congratulations to Gus on his Induction into the Central District Hall of Fame.    Stan McCormack.  2011 03 11.     


FSA HOF Gus Bondi’s Acceptance Speech INTO THE FSA HALL OF FAME: 2017 01 16

> On 20 Dec 2016, at 2:19 PM, Gus Bondi wrote:
>    I want to start by saying that I am a very emotional person and I may shed a tear or two before this speech is over.
>    First I want to thank my No.1 fan, my wife Marie for all of her support over the years while I have been traveling all over the state trying to get my 200 points. She has been my right arm and my left arm and my full-time nurse over the past 4 1/2 years with my multiple health issues.I even got her a nurse’s cap for Christmas a few years ago.
>    I want to thank my presenter, Mike Seyfer for the fine job that he has done for me tonight.  I want you to know what a true friend this man is. He came to the hospital and to my rehab center every day to visit me. That my friend is a true friend.
>    Special thanks to Stan Williamson for helping last year to achieve my 200 points. He came up to me and said, Gus, I am going to help you get your 200 points and he was truly a man of his word. I honestly believe that I would not be here tonight if it were not for Stan Williamson. More people in shuffleboard should do the same thing. Thank you, Stan,  you are truly a great friend.
>    Without the assistance of many shufflers, I would not be standing before you this very evening. I have so many shufflers to thank because I am standing here tonight. Shufflers that most of you don’t know because it has taken me so long to get here. They are people that I practiced with when we lived in Winter Haven.
> Deceased are Leon Brousseau, Mike Shotter(he took me to my first tournament at Betmar), Jerry Pointer, Pete Rinehart, and little Joe Bussert. Still alive are Austin McDonald, back in Ontario, Ann Shotter, back in Penns, Dick Elliott, Bernie La Flame and Pasquale Troia, all retired from the game and my friend Jerry Stannard, the only living one still playing the game.
>    I never dreamed that I would be standing here tonight when I started to playback in 1999 and to be going into the FSA HOF……It is a most appreciated honor to be amongst other great players from the past. Some of whom I played against.
>    My wife and I played golf before I retired and she always beat me and I said to myself that I had better learn a different game when we moved to Florida. I tried shuffleboard at our Mobil home park and took a liking to it and got to be a decent “park shuffler”. One day when I was driving in Winter Haven, I seen people playing shuffleboard. I never knew that cities had courts. I stopped to watch and they played “tournament shuffleboard “They said the pros play every morning at 8:00 A.M. The next morning I was there waiting for them and my wife hasn’t seen much of me since. I joined the club and eventually became president and got involved with the ISA and the USANSA.
>    I want to thank Joe Messier who got me involved as treasurer of the ISA that lead me to eventually become president of the ISA.I was elected to the USANSA board and eventually became president for two years. Serving on those two boards and holding the office of president of each association resulted in extensive travel for my wife and myself. We traveled all over the USA and to many country’s we would have not seen if it weren’t for shuffleboard. Going to inaugural’s or playing on the ISA team in events around the world.
> We made many international friends and stay in contact with a few of them to this day.
>    Nine years ago we moved to Zephyrhills, a real happy day in my life. I thought that I would get my points playing with better players, but people stick together as partners and I honor that. So I continued playing with my old friends and got my points slower and I really liked that. I think that I had more fun coming up slower. So it all worked out in the long run.
>    I want to thank my partners that I have had over the years and my ISA teammates when I was on two ISA team world championships in Lakeside, Ohio, and in Germany and a second-place team win in Seattle, Wash.
>    I want to thank Earl Ball and Walt Shine for being my partner in two USANSA championships in North Carolina.
>    I want to thank my patron saint, St Jude, for watching over me for the past 41/2 years with my many health issues. I pray to him every day.
>    I want to thank my wife one more time for the great life we have had over the past 61 years. She has been a saint for putting up with me. Most of all for beating me in golf, years ago. If she did not do that, I would not be standing here tonight.
>    I would like to end by saying, Old Shufflers never die, they just drift away on the courts, and many many thanks for the great memories.
> Gus Bondi



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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Gus Bondi.

  1. seliseq1 says:

    I miss him! I followed him as USANSA President . . he was a wonderful mentor and so much help as I prepared for the position. He was a wonderful man and a wonderful friend.

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  2. John Houghtaling says:

    A fabulous mentor to all the ams who came up through the ranks at ZSC including me!!!! I became good friends with both Gus and Marie, such giving people to so many!!!!! I will always remember some of Gus’s shuffle board advice with two in particular: “if you have two of your scores on the board, put another one of your blocks on.” When I whined about playing on beaded courts he would say to me, “you have to learn to adjust”. All of the membership at ZSC will forever miss this one of a kind individual!!!!!…..

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