We “Lost” Alf Primeau. He Left Us On 2020 12 03. May He RIP

The Gentleman in the “Red Jacket”, top right, is Alf Primeau!!  Alf was presented his CNSA HOF Jacket at the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club on August 4th, 2016. Alf was the Webmaster for TheShuffler.org, a website that predated the formal launch of the joint venture by Alf and Stan, also TheShuffler.org.  Alf was looking for someone who enjoyed writing, and Max Tate shared that info. with me. Alf and I met for the first time in a Tournament held in Sebring, FL in early 2002.   The REST IS HISTORY!    

It was during the 2002 ISA Event in Clearwater, FL that THE SHUFFLER came on the scene ~~ so to speak. I filed a series of daily reports from Clearwater as “Reporter Stan”!!

In 2005 the CNSA had no Hall of Fame.  Both Alf and Stan had discussed the need for a Canadian HOF, both recognized the significant cost for a traditional HOF.  It was “thinking outside the box” but Alf and Stan did just that!!  Alf had the technical smarts; Stan the ability to advance these same ideas to the CNSA Board, and it is to the credit of the 2005 CNSA Board that they accepted the proposal.  The Virtual HOF is totally and completely online; it is virtual, it exists in essence but not in fact!  It was so well received that the concept is now used by the Central District of the FSA as well as the Home Site of the FSA. 

Alf has been inducted into the FSA Central District HOF; the ISA Hall of Fame, and the CNSA Hall of Fame.  Hats off to a Gentleman; Hats off to someone who has made a significant contribution to the PROMOTION OF SHUFFLEBOARD!! This will be his legacy.

Stan McCormack. 2020 12 05

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7 Responses to We “Lost” Alf Primeau. He Left Us On 2020 12 03. May He RIP

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Another great loss for our sport. Alf was a visionary who saw the great need to introduce Shuffleboard into the mass media world. He joins the great writers of the world who went before him Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


  2. Glen Peltier says:

    I knew Alf since childhood. He worked as a meat cutter for A&P in Chatham Ontario., He became manager. His wife Carole worked at the same dairy as i did. Later Carole become very ill for many years. Alf took wonderful care of her until the end. Elf always was a master with the computer so i was not surprised when i heard he was working with Stan to create the shuffler. Alf was a true gentleman and had many friends.

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  3. stanistheman says:

    I remember Alf telling me about your personal relationship!! Thank you for reminding me. Lois and I attended Carole’s .


  4. seliseq1 says:

    Never got to meet this wonderful man but enjoyed so much communicating and working with him and Stan during the years of ‘theshuffler.org’. He and Stan definitely made a huge impact and contribution to the world of shuffleboard! And, Stan still is.


  5. stanistheman says:

    Thank You for the kind comment. Thank You for your significant contribution during the period of theshuffler.org!!!


  6. Bill B says:

    RIP Alf. You and Stan were ;the pioneers for many of the shuffleboard websites we use to communicate – especially important today. I am very proud to have been able to carry on with the CNSA Virtual hall of fame, which you and Stan began, and of which you are rightly a member.in the Special Awards Category (https://theshufflersnews.files.wordpress.com/2019/07/cnsa-hof-specawards-3.pdf)

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  7. stanistheman says:

    Thanks Bill for those kind remarks. Alf will be remembered for his significant contribution to SHUFFLEBOARD. Stan


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