We Tell You Just A Little About Donna and Harry Parrot.

Parrots, Donna & Harry!

This obviously quite happy couple volunteered for “coffee duty” on the 9th of March, 2010!!  Although it was the very first time for Donna and Harry (Parrott) one would never have realized it!!  Many, including this writer, were back for seconds!!  

The first photo is of Harry “at work”!! lol However; I was able to get him to take a short break, only long enough to pose with Donna!!  It is apparent that the Parrotts are thoroughly enjoying their time together in Woodbrook Estates !! 

Stan McCormack, Secretary Woodbrook Shuffleboard Club

On March 26th, 2011, Harry and Donna took us to a Fine Dinner!  Neither explained the “Special Circumstance?”

Although Lois and I were aware that Donna was celebrating the Anniversary of her birth > commonly called one’s Birthday!!  WE did not discover details of the Dinner until the following evening when Lois and I took over Flowers to Donna on Sunday evening.

As we normally do when visiting the Parrotts, we had a great evening!!

DONNA; do have a Happy Birthday again this year!!

Stan in Adelaide Place, Lindsay ON. 2020 03 26. 

Donna; I do hope you are enjoying Good Health!!!

Harry and Donna Parrott Celebrate 8 Years of Happiness!! pix at to top

We are at sea on board the Maasdam Cruise Ship. The luxury liner has a capacity of 1200 but there is no couple on board any happier than Harry and Donna as they celebrate 8 years of marriage. 

This evening, 2015 09 09, we will dine in the Rotterdam Dining room on the Maasdam.  We are looking forward with anticipation as we await their arrival in our state room to begin the evening with a toast.  

They arrive and we have our toast.  We then proceed to the main dining room and are seated at our table for 4. To the surprise of the three of us Harry orders a Bloody Cesar which is indicative of the significance he has given the evening.  Dinner was most enjoyable and before our dessert came, Harry and Donna were serenaded by these members of the (see pic at top) diner staff.

Indeed it was a gala occasion!! An occasion which resulted in our neighbouring tables joining in the celebration.

Stan, Lois, Donna and Harry.  2015 09 09.

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