We Tell You Just A Little About Henry Van Dorp

Henry Van Dorp served as President of the OSA for several years.

Not only did Henry serve as president for many years, he ensured that whenever the OSA held a tournament that required Roll Out Courts, he was the “MAN” who met the need of the Organization. Not only did he deliver the Roll Out Courts, he delivered the Boards, the chalk, the discs and anything else that moved!!  He did this when he “had bad knees”; he did it when he was in his 80s; he did it because Shuffleboard was his priority; because Shuffleboard was his love!!

Henry and Leny did not limit their support to manual labour.  They sponsored the Woodstock Tournament for many years as well as arranging for suitable accommodations!!

Henry was inducted into the OSA HOF on 2000 97 23 by Lorraine Pollock, having achieved the requisite number of points.

Henry and Leny participated in the Inaugural to Brazil.  Henry joined us on the Holland/Germany Inaugural. He and Lenny also participated in many ISA Events. Henry (Henk) left us on 2015 01 31. 

Prepared by Stan McCormack.  2015 05 10.

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Henry Van Dorp

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    How can i not comment on Henry Van Dorp. He was a one man show year after year at Woodstock. He also sponsored the prize money. Paid for the building for the days we played. He always talked about the Canadian troops that freed Holland during the second world war. He found my oldest brother Art,s grave and took a picture of it for me when he went back to visit. My brother was killed in Holland when he was Eighteen. Henry and Lena remembers it well. Henry was a take charge guy that gave his all for the rest of us to enjoy the game of shuffleboard.

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