Two ISA Relic Past Presidents Compete One More Time!!

Michael sent along 2 better pix >> HOWEVER; Site WILL NOT LET ME POST.

On Saturday, December 5th, 2020 two of our ISA Past Presidents joined forces and competed in the 2020 Florida Senior Games, for athletes age 50 and above, held at the Lakeside Shuffleboard Complex in Lakeland, Florida. These games began in 1974 as the Golden Age Games, and now the Florida Senior Games are the qualifier for the 2021 National Senior Games which will take place in Greater Fort Lauderdale from November 5-18, 2021. Both competed as Singles in their respective age groups and then in the afternoon teamed up to compete in the Doubles. In the Singles, Earl Ball swiftly and with his untiring precision beat all the contestants in his age group to take the coveted Gold Medal. Michael Zellner fought hard and diligently succeeded in taking the Bronze Medal in his age group.  In the afternoon, the dynamic duo paired up and took on registered teams in the Doubles Division. Fighting as hard as they could, they made it to the two final teams. Their adversaries, also known as seasoned competitors in the International arena, (Doris Hanke and Cheryl Cole) played a nearly flawless match overtaking the Ball/Zellner team to take the Gold Medal in the Doubles. In the end, Earl Ball took home a Gold and Silver Medal and Michael Zellner a Silver and Bronze Medal which qualified them to compete in the 2021 National Senior Games. A special thank you goes out to Tournament Director Glenn Monroe for his superb and meticulous as always, direction of this special event.   

Michael Zellner ISA Past President.

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  2. Glenna Earle says:

    Well done gentlemen!

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  3. Congratulations to both of you

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