We Tell You Just A Little About Howard Vanderbilt

A Memorial Service for Howard Vanderbilt will be held in the Club House of Heatherwood Village, 1925 Harden Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33803.  The service will commence at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 13th. Howard passed away at noon on 2014 02 10

Shuffleboard has lost a strong and capable supporter. Shufflers have lost a friend.  Howard Vanderbilt will be remembered by those who worked with him, by those who knew him!! To know him was to respect him!  Stan McCormack.  2014 02 10.  

As an English Literature Major, I was quite astonished at Howard’s ability to so accurately describe his everyday trials and tribulations through such creative writing. He served his country in the military and then his community through Shuffleboard. Howard embraced life even more when confronted by his terminal illness and openly accepted his fate as the will of God. A true inspiration to all, rest in peace. Sincerely, Prof. Michael Robert Zellner, President

Report #4

Howdy, Good morning and thank you for joining in sharing some very good news.  God has done a wonderful job on me and I thought I should let you all know. 

The report yesterday was encouraging to the extent that the Doctor could barely contain herself, no joke.  She was effervescent with the good news, but still cautious as you might expect. 

Is the cancer gone you ask.  No.  But, it has been significantly reduced in  the left lung, retreated from the lymph nodes and is hanging on in the liver but nowhere near as dense as it was 10 weeks ago. 

The infiltration of the bones is much reduced with residuals in the lumbar, and pelvic bones.  All in all, very good news.  Three more cycles, nine sessions including yesterday, should remove the remaining cancer cells.  Personally I’m tickled with the results and praise God for this mighty accomplishment.  If He would prefer more therapy, I’m not one to argue.  If we all keep praying I should be around for years and years.  

They have scheduled me for additional chemotherapy, yesterday (went without a hitch) , today and tomorrow with a followup Neulasta shot on Thursday.   (the $6000 shot) (my share is only $450, half covered by a grant from the drug company.)   The therapy for today begins at 9:30, and I am looking forward to it. Well……..not exactly!! 

But with the encouraging results from the first three cycles, there is every reason to believe that this cycle will produce even better results.  That, we are looking forward to.

Other sessions are later in the day due to scheduling congestion.  I prefer the earlier, but apparently so do all the other patients.  That’s ok. I can find a bunch to do as there is a migration planned for May 9.  Getting ready for that is always a picnic.  Packing is not my favorite but I do prefer it to…………….yeah, chemotherapy!!

It would be fun to stay in Florida all summer but there are important task waiting for us in the north.   The garden is one example, getting the greenhouse going is another.  The lawn and gardens probably need some care although I have a highly paid crew supposed to be working on that. 

The last two rounds of therapy will be done at the Sands Cancer Center in Canandaigua NY, the initial appointment has already been made.  My highly efficient wife did that for me, bless her heart.  I just have to get up there by May 14.   Shouldn’t be a problem if I start walking now.  Hitchhiking should do it. 

Hope this fills in the details for you.  Please keep in touch.

Howard V

Dad, Grandfather, Brother,  Uncle, Friend, Acquaintance, Shuffleboard. 


To Me

Today at 9:31 PM

Dear Fellow Shufflers,

Thank you over and over again for the kindness and friendship you have shown our dad/ husband, Howard Vanderbilt!

He made mention of you all on many occasions and was so grateful for all of the expert instruction, aiding in his “perfecting” of the game.  🙂

One thing I know he was wanting to make sure you all had an opportunity to hear was:   none of us are guaranteed another breath.  That being said, be sure of your eternal destiny!  Forever is a very long time…against all popular opinion, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father, but by Him!   Jesus paid a debt He did not owe, We owe a debt we cannot pay.  
My Dad asked Jesus to save him from his sin.  Jesus changed his life, gave him a new heart.
Please take a couple of minutes(less than 7 minutes)to view the link we’ve provided,  you just need to copy and paste it into your address bar.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCSUKIhjevo&hd=1  it would make my dad so happy to see you all again in heaven one day.

Thank you again…


Laurel and Jennifer (daughters) and Donna (wife)

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