We Tell You Just A Little About Igor Ekert.

IGOR of Russsia

Igor Ekert is RSA President and founder of Shuffleboard in Russia. Russia was accepted as a Member Nation of the ISA in 2013 becoming our 8th and newest member nation.  This is Igor’s 2nd time to represent Russia in an ISA World Shuffleboard Championship. Igor is also actively involved in promoting shuffleboard for the physically challenged on a National level throughout Russia and introduced and proposed Shuffleboard to be considered a new Sport to Para or Special Olympic officials in Sochi during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Truly a man with unlimited potential and motivation. Igor was the host of the most successful Russian Inaugural in 2011.

Igor Khusainov from Sochi Russia, will be representing Russia at this, the 33rd ISA.  This will be his very first ISA Event.  (The 33rd ISA was held in Midland, ON)

Ivan  Sergeev from Sochi Russia, will be representing Russia at this, the 33rd ISA. This will be his very first ISA Event.    




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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Igor Ekert.

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Igor tried so hard to get Shuffleboard off the ground in Russia. As ISA President at Igor’s invitation and my own expense I travelled to Moscow and Sochi Russia after a Shuffleboard promotion trip to Norway.. Igor had set up interviews each day of my 6 day visit. . We met with city, state and federal government sports officials and set up a court with young players demonstrating the sport as Igor and I spoke at the podium. Igor spent thousands of his own personal funds in these promotions and even covered the airfare for his players to come to Clearwater to compete in their first world championship. Unfortunately his players were so happy to be free from Russia for the week that they took a greater interest in visiting Sights and shopping instead of competing each day. Economic conditions in Russia were and still are very difficult to get a new sport sponsorship and government interest. And sadly the present ISA board decision to remove Russia as a member nation dampened Igor’s spirits.


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