We Tell You Just A Little About “Jane O”

IN APPRECIATION BY “JANE O” (writing in 2010)
Hi! What is this I hear about you boys closing down The Shuffler in May? You two aren’t really closing are you? Gosh, what will we do Stan? Please think about all of us not being able to read The Shuffler. We sure know it is a lot of work. Please really think about it Stan.  We all will miss you two. Your friend always. Jane-O
Stan Speaks: I apologize for the lack of PIX????? I paid $48.00 for “space” for my pix. They are after me again to-day for another $48.00. We will see what happens.

  Jane O. Bird.  2010-04-10.

Her supporting remarks read: “Jane continues to be one of the dominating players on the Ladies’ Pro circuit. Up to the present time she has amassed the amazing total of 413* points! Jane has won just about every major tournament and/or champion­ship, including the F.SA. Masters, with her latest achievement being 1st Place in the 1990 Masters, held at Lake Worth. Friendliness and congeniality are Jane’s trademark, and she always has a “story” to relate to cheer her many, many friends. Jane has the youth to be in contention for a long time to come, and has the potential of being one of the greatest lady shufflers of all time. There is very little doubt but that Jane ‘belongs” in our shuffleboard Hall of Fame!”

SHUFFLER’S NOTE: Alf and I did not know Jane in 1990, but we could not agree more with the statement above with respect to her congeniality and friendliness!!  *Jane now has 782 Lifetime Points, and sits at 3rd in Modern Women’s Record for the FSA.  A GREAT SHUFFLER!

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler.  2010-04-28.

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