We Tell You Just A Little About Jean Anderson.

Jean Anderson


My Story:  I am from St. Albert, Alberta where I have lived for only 6 years.  Previously, my husband John and I lived in Alix, Alberta for many many years where we owned and operated businesses.  John passed away shortly after we moved to St. Albert.  We started going to Palm Springs, Calif. for vacations and in 1958 we were introduced to, and fell in love with, the game of Shuffleboard.  Our future vacations over the years were planned to coincide with Shuffleboard Tournaments in the Desert Area.  We retired to our 6 mos. home in the desert in 1985. 

During the years we have met many Shuffleboard friends and gathered many trophies.  In 1995, I was Calif. State Champion.  Both John and I competed in our 1st International Tournament in 1996 in Laguana Hills, Calif., where I was very proud to have won all my games and was presented with the International medallion. We again competed in 1997 in Hendersonville, N.C.  In 2001 I participated in Australia, 2002 Clearwater, Florida

and 2004 Mesa, Ariz., AND I am very happy to have the opportunity to go to Brazil.  I have been Video graphing at the tournaments and working on producing a documentary on International Shuffleboard.  This has turned out to be a much bigger project than I could imagine and would

appreciate any pictures or information anyone has that would be an asset to this documentary.  There is no feeling in the world that compares with the emotions you experience while marching with your fellow team members, the Canadian Flag at the fly, and the Canadian Anthem playing.  I have been very proud to be a Canadian representing our Great Country.  Good Shuffling   Jean Anderson.  2005 07 04. 

Today at 5:11 PM  2014 05 26

ALL IS WELL WITH ME sorry for the tardy reply I have just got back from 3 weeks in China

I am sorry to reply I have not completed my shuffleboard video many other projects came up and it just kind of slid to back burner.  I still have all the material ready to go so I can one day get back at it.  I was very fortunate to have not lost a game at Leisure World, Laguna Hills, California the 16th ISA tournament Sept. 1996  My emotional high was very high all I could do was cry. (I am sure they were tears of joy).  Since then in Dec. 2009 with great pride I was inducted into the California Hall of Fame.  I am presently active  with District 5 (Desert Area) in California as I have been for 35 years and loving the game as much as ever.  I am so happy you continue to keep us updated with the shuffleboard world you are “stantheman”.  Thanks for your continuing interest in me.  Sincerely Jean

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