We Tell You Just A Little About Jerry Brandon.


In keeping with the theme: Celebrate Those Beginning Their Adventure; >> we give you this story.  (See Article Below:) While Jerry may not be technically beginning his adventure, he has taken that first and giant step!!  Congrats Jerry!!

Jerry Brandon is one of Zephyrhills’ finest shufflers and has been for many, many years. However; Gerry never wanted to move up and lose his amateur status.  He’s a great guy and takes brutal ribbing from his friends about being a lifetime District Am.

Recently Jerry decided to play more tournaments and try to move up. He made State Am rather quickly and it was only a matter of time before his Pro Status would come. Everyone is really happy that he made instant pro at the Betmar non-walking singles FL State tournament, especially all the amateurs that he continually beats up on!!!

 Congratulations Jerry from all Your Friends!!

Submitted by Chuck Moulton.  2010-01-22.

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