We Tell You Just A Little About Jim and Marlene Corbeil.

Jim Corbeil is the President of the CNSA. :

Marlene Speaks: I started shuffling 4 years ago because my husband, Jim, enjoyed the game.  Here in Florida we learned that we had shuffle in our home town of Thedford Ontario.  Until then I had no idea that we shuffled in Ontario and I looked forward to shuffling that summer.

We joined the Thedford Shuffle Club and the following year Jim became President.  When Jim was president I came to realize that a Shuffle Club flourished only if you had shufflers willing to give of their time.

When I returned to Florida we joined the Winter Haven Shuffle Club. Here I became Secretary and again saw the necessity for the participation of shufflers to make a Club successful.

Competing was still not a top priority for me so I thought I could contribute by helping in some direct fashion.  As I assisted directing tournaments I had more time to talk to the competitors as well as watch the competition.

I became more excited about the game as I could see the enthusiasm of the player and the results of all the time they put into the game.  As I went to different clubs I saw again and again that volunteers were essential to make a good club

When Jim decided to try and get his State AM, I was as excited as he was.  When he said it was time for me to become a State AM I was ready to compete and play the game.

Now we both look forward to competing in the Game of Shuffleboard.  I am lucky; I enjoy competing as well as Directing.  I enjoy learning from the Pros as well as hearing about the great games they either competed in or watched.  Great games stay in the minds of shufflers forever, a factor which helps make Shuffleboard such a great sport.

Submitted by Marlene Corbeil.  2010-02-13.


At time of writing, 2010-02-10, Jim Corbeil is “leading the pack” in the race for 1st place in the Reiny Schleier Season Competition for the District Amateurs of the Central District of the FSA.   We asked Jim to tell us a bit about himself.   The Shuffler. 

Jim Corbeil:  I started to Shuffle with the encouragement of Art and Anita Shorts in Frost Proof Florida.  As I was new to shuffleboard I was surprised to hear that my home town in Ontario, Thedford, had a shuffleboard facility.

That summer my wife and I went home and joined the Thedford Shuffle Club.  The next year I became president of the Club and started to learn the game of shuffleboard as well as making many new friends.  I shuffled for three years in Winter Haven and this year decided to work harder at the game and learn more about the art of Shuffling.  I made my goal of State Am and I am looking forward to playing and learning more about the game.  I really enjoy shuffleboard because my wife Marlene and I can play and compete together.  We are trying to move up at the same time and help each other as much as possible.

We have met a lot of people, great people, in this sport and look forward to many more years of fun, enjoyment and good competitions.

Submitted by Jim Corbeil.  2010-02-10

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