We Tell You Just A Little About Joan Wheeler.



According to Glen Peltier, who’s been around for a long time, that’s true!  Joan Wheeler and Joan Cook are the best ever!  They play many tournaments together, but not all.  They won nine first places together this year, enough to make everyone a bit envious, some a bit jealous and even a few down right mad.  There’s no denying their success, as Wheeler picked up 71 points this year for a career total of 730, a fierce competitor on the court, who gets her athletic ability from her days as an outstanding skater in her youth. But there’s a different side of her off the court.  She voluntarily handles all the get-well cards for the FSA.  Is the 1st to hand out a card of Congratulations to someone who has reached a cherished goal.  She’s very artistic, creating many of the certificates, as well as table favors we see when we attend Shuffleboard festivities.  Dedicated to her grandson, 10-year-old Derek, She’s sends part of her winnings from each tournament to him for his future car fund.  And of course, behind every successful woman stands a man.  In this case a mountain of a man, husband, Clarence, who spoils her rotten by tending to her every need and making sure she gets to every tournament.  

Joan Cook set a modern day record of 79 points this year, breaking Wheelers record of 77, giving her a career total of 544 points.  Also a fierce competitor, she gets her ability from being an outstanding bowler in her younger days.  Known as the best board clearer in the game, she has rounded out her game by adding a devastating board and kitchen game to her repertoire in the last year and continues to improve.  Joan is a dedicated Shuffleboard player as evidenced by stick-to-activity.  She’s plays nearly every day of the year.    Husband, Dick is her biggest supporter, once having designed a costume for her to appear on the TV show “Let’s make a Deal” where she was not only picked to play but went for the “big door” and won a set of wheels, two motorcycles.  Dick freely gives up his love of golf; he is an outstanding golfer with four holes in one in his career and his wood working shop where he creates and paints all of the caricatures we’ve seen around the circuit to spoil Joan rottener by being with her at each tournament.

Story by Earl Ball, Senior Staff Writer for THE SHUFFLER.  2004 03 31.


I visited your web site and read with enjoyment your news.  Mary E. and Bob Pearson could write a book of what it “used to be”.

It is informative, and you might publish more like it.

For a while your news was full of bashing the FSA and I didn’t visit the site for some time. 

I was the SW Coast Delegate for 13 years and was there for changes, some good and some not so good.  Changes will continue to occur.

I’m no longer on the scene after 21 winters in Florida.  My husband, Clarence, wanted to stay home so we sold and “retired” to our home in Michigan.  I miss the great competitive sport and people but we are busy here.

I have some old Previews and reading thru them have found some interesting facts. 


  • The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club was formed in 1924 at St. Petersburg, FL. and was called Mirror Lake Shuffleboard Club.
    • The first tournament, 1928, was played under Mirror Lake Rules >> Red shoots first, following games started by the winner.  These games started by winner at the end of the court where preceding games was completed.
  • The State Hall of Fame formed in 1960. 
  • Orlando Shuffle Club became the first home of the State Hall of Fame.
  • First Hall of Fame Banquet was held in 1960 at Little River Shuffleboard Club in the Miami area.
  • The first Preview was printed for the 1952-53 season.  It was founded by I.McKay Pinkney.
  • The State Masters started in 1960.
  • In 1935 Districts were formed and there were 4.
  • In 1932 a coin tossed for choice of color.
  • Courts were all different sizes in the early 1920s.
  • First discs were made of WOOD.
  • Touching live disc ADDED 20 points to opponents score in 1932.
  • Players COULD coach partners.

I have passed this and more information on so some might be presented at the Hall Of Fame Banquet next week.  I thought those who visit your web site might be interested.

I found reading the old Previews very interesting and they held a lot more information concerning the formative years of shuffleboard than they do today. 

Happy writing.  Joan Wheeler from Mason, Michigan

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    VERY impressive women!!!

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