We Tell You Just A Little About John Barnett

Dear Michael
ISA President,

I received the sad announcement of Mr. John Barnett. I have known his great
contribution for the ISA. Especially, he was one of the important person
that he helped the growth and development of the JNSA. He was the President
of ISA when ISA Tournament was held in Japan 1999.This sad news will be
noticed to the members of JNSA through Kazunari Hatanaka. I will send a
condolences letter to Mrs. Marylin Barnett.


Yoshiko Suzuki  

Sandi Quinn Speaks: Stan & I met John & Marylin Barnett many years ago on an inaugural to Denmark & Norway.  At that time John & Marylin along with Sam & Marsha Allen were very involved and very active in their promotion of shuffleboard nation wide and world wide.  We were very impressed with John’s enthusiasm for getting more countries to join the ISA.  A very friendly gentleman who was always smiling and made us feel we’d known each other all our lives.  It was a very wonderful trip with the Barnetts and the Allens at the helm.  Shuffleboard has lost one of it’s all-time biggest supporters, and there will never be another like Mr. John Barnett.  Stan & I, along with the USA NSA, send Marylin our sincere condolences and pray God’s care will be with her at this time and always.

Sandi Quinn. President, USA NSA

CNSA President Henry Strong Speaks: Although I have never had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Barnett I have heard of his many contributions to shuffleboard throughout the world both as a player and a promoter.
The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association sends its condolences to his wife Marylin.
CNSA President Henry Strong

Stan McC. Speaks: I am going to provide you a link to John’s Lifetime Achievement Award of2013.  https://theshuffler.net/2013/10/29/32nd-isa-john-barnett-jr-receives-the-lifetime-achievement-award/

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About John Barnett

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    I knew John and Marilyn very well. John and Marilyn played all their tournaments with their close friends, Shirley and agnas McPhee. They were all good but Marilyn was the biggest winner because of her singles wins. John bought as much land in Ohio through his army service and as some gave their land up John bought more and more. Marilyn said it took time to get inside facilities because John keep buying land. He finally sold and one farm and invested it in Ohio lighting which exploding in a very profital way. Bought a large motor home, large mobll home and took up shuffleboard. Shuffleboard was sure the winner there, John and Marilyn were the ultimate lady and gentleman.

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