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Hollywood Had the Golden Globe Awards (2007 01 15)
Shuffleboard Had The Hall of Fame Inductions!!
Rev. John L. Brown – FSA Hall of Fame Recipient –
January 15, 2007 by Roy Norman.

January 15, 2007 by Roy Norman >> Induction Remarks.
It is my sincere privilege to mention some highlights about our fellow
shuffler and recipient of the FSA Hall Of Fame Award – Reverend John
Leroy Brown.
Apparently there are many John Browns in North America. So many, that
when John attempted to establish a screen name for his new computer
last year it wasn’t sufficient to add his initial for his middle name
so he tried “Rev” John Brown and it worked. Now although there may be
many John Browns in North America, we know that none, but none, could
be like our colorful and talented John Brown.
My first encounter with John was January 22, 1994. The evening before
driving to Trailer Estates for a Pro tournament I received a call from
my Southern District partner to tell me that he had taken his wife to
the hospital and would be unable to play on the Monday. So as I was
looking for a partner – guess who was also looking for a partner to
enter his first Pro Tournament in Florida. That’s right a very young
looking enthusiastic bubbly guy wearing a wooden cross with a smile a
mile wide named John Brown – READY TO GO! In that tournament we placed
second place in consolation, earning John one half point towards his
Amateur Status. He then completed his Amateur Status in a one-year
period. During a second one-year period year he completed his Pro
Status. His first Pro point was earned at Sebring, on February 10,

  1. This was a very slow start compared to the year 2002/2003, when
    he earned 40 points, contributing to his goal which he is celebrating
    John has been and continues to be an ACHIEVER. Be it as – a class
    president; high school valedictorian; flying an airplane at age 16;
    obtaining his private license for carrying passengers in an airplane at
    age 17; being elected as Outstanding Farmer in Indiana at age 28;
    returning to university, at age 33, and graduating as an Ordained
    Minister; serving as a Chaplain of the Children’s’ Home in Berea, Ohio.
    Page 2 of 3
    At this time, John volunteered to offer “garden therapy” where he had
    as many as 80 emotionally disturbed gardeners using up to 51/2 acres of
    land for vegetables. He also supervised more than 100 Big Brothers and
    Big Sisters for 12 years; was a teacher; and even attended a Peace
    Rally in Russia with his daughter – Donna, who we are pleased to see,
    is here with us tonight.
    Once you know John you soon realize that he is a “fountain of
    knowledge” a walking encyclopedia a regular “Mr. Google”. Talk about –
    politics, literature, history, geography, world travel, the comics,
    farming, comparative religions; how to grow lima beans; and yes ask the
    name of the invasive vine that is blanketing the trees in the southern
    states and John has the answer – Kudzu. Also, almost any topic
    mentioned reminds him of a good joke.
    And as we know John’s energy and drive to ACHIEVE did not stop when he
    In SHUFFLEBOARD – John has –
  • won the US National Amateur Singles held in Winter Haven in
  • won the FSA, State Pro Walking Singles in Leesburg in 2002.
  • played in 3 Pro Masters Tournaments
  • earned his 200 plus points by playing with many, many
    different players –
    With a special big total of 34 points earned with Allan
    But the biggest credit by far goes to John’s Individual
    efforts since he has earned one third of his total points by walking,
    walking, and again walking in 12 Singles competitions.
    The finale to his achievement was when Ben Coy and John won first place
    in Betmar to give John the final 5 points to make the magic total of
    202 points for the FSA Hall Of Fame Award.
    To continue John –
  • was President of the South West District two years.
  • played 4 times on the US – International team
  • was State Delegate for the S W District to the FSA
  • at present serves as Regional Representative for the US
    National S. Ass.
  • with Al Hamilton as his partner this Can-Am team won the CNSA
    Championship in Chatham, Ontario – not ONCE but TWICE!
    -has been very successful in summertime shuffling in Lakeside,
    Ohio winning two National Doubles with Walt Wadel – and in addition to
    all of the above, for the past 8 years, John has been managing to find
    time to write a regular weekly article on Shuffleboard happenings which
    appears in the Bradenton Newspaper, and not merely reporting results
    and announcing upcoming events but giving many human interest stories
    about shufflers, as a “color commentator” for shuffleboard.
  • and again in addition to all of the above John has been very
    active in helping players to find partners – by his sign-up sheet for
    upcoming tournaments
  • and yes one more reason John deserves high praise is the
    practice he makes of helping beginners to learn or improve their game.
    And on this last point I have been asked to read a letter which I will
    do at the conclusion of this presentation.
    Page 3 of 3
    Without a doubt John’s accomplishments contributing to the sport of
    SHUFFLEBOARD IN FLORIDA have been a demonstration of intelligence,
    talent and perseverance.
    Not only is it of some note what John has accomplished but
    there is more that he could have accomplished with a little more
    For example, Trailer Estates courts might now have an installed roof
    over their courts if that young upstart John had got his way a few
    years back. But have no fear John is still working on that idea and as
    usual it is hard to keep a “good man down”.
    There is no doubt that John is a “bundle of energy and brains“. Can you
    imagine living with a guy like that? Well therein lies part of the
    secret for his achievements – that is, his intelligent and devoted wife
    and partner for the past 50 years – one of our best Shuffleboard
    Tournament Director ever – the wonderful lady Dolores Brown.
    So finally, Rev. John L. Brown, we thank you for your major
    contribution to Shuffleboard. We are very pleased to see you recognized
    for your achievements as a Hall Of Fame player in your favorite
    retirement activity – SHUFFLEBOARD.
    Now I will read to you a letter that I was asked to read to John at the
    HOF Awards Night. Letter from Torben Hussman.
    Roy Norman
    Dear John,
    Thanks to “The Shuffler” I found out that you qualified for entrance into the FSA Hall of Fame.
    I am proud to have been taught by such a famous Shuffler and I am really looking forward to
    playing together with you many, many times to learn more about Shuffleboard.
    Your biography states that you have started playing Shuffleboard at the age of 10 and now you
    are a member of the Hall of Fame. I take it as a good sign that I started to play as well at the age
    of 10 and hope for more help from you to become a HOF-member some day.
    Maybe we can meet already in April in Florida, when I will be visiting St. Petersburg with my
    family. I would love to see you then.
    Your German Shuffleboard-friend
    Torben Hussmann
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3 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About the Browns > John and Dolores

  1. Dave Minnich says:

    Thank you John and Dolores for all you have given back to shuffleboard, so much of it behind the scenes that folks don’t know about.


  2. Katie Bruno says:

    My friends and I were on a quest for John Quiniones and accidentally believed his name was John Dolores. This brought us to this page (because of its mentions of both John and Delores). But what seemed like a mistake was actually the best misstep of our lives, leading us to the shuffleboarding community and John Browns impacts. He has not only inspired us to try shuffleboarding, but also just to be better people in general. Thank you John and Dolores.


  3. Morrigan Maguire says:

    My friends and I spent the last 30 minutes learning about John and Dolores. What was initially a silly mistake on our part, became a web search adventure. We are beyond fascinated with everything you have accomplished. So much so, we have been inspired to get involved with not only shuffle boarding but our community as well. Thank you so much for all of your contributions and congratulations on your well-deserved achievements.


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