We Tell You Just A Little About Keith Sutton

Keith Sutton writing when he became aware “WE” were going to Sochi Russia: Wow…how fun! You’ll love it!

I went maybe 12 years ago to; St. Petersburg, Moscow, Riga, Latvia as part of a group of active square dancers.  Its an American Folk Dance, so we announced to the public thru promos and posters etc of our plan to dance, did demos and then included those locals who came.  Lots of fun.  And dancing together broke the ice that a lack of common language can create.

Wish I was going with you.  To me, the Russians are most like us.  Like the USA, its a diverse and expansive melting pot of peoples.  Countries like Italy or Spain, the people are far more homogenous.  And the Russians are friendly…and curious of Americans.

Unfortunately, when I was there, it was a 2 class society…the lower income majority and those who drove BMWs, the mafia.

Have a great time! Keith

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