We Tell You Just A Little About Kosai



Ladies and Gentlemen I can think of no person more deserving of receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award than the Late Yoshio Kosai. “Kosai” as he liked to be called, traveled to St. Petersburg FL in 1979 to help organize the ISA.  He learned how to play, and then taught others in his native Japan how to play. He then helped organize the JNSA (Japan National Shuffleboard Association) and they have participated in every ISA Tournament since. The legacy of Yoshio Kosai is fondly remembered by all ISA Shufflers. 

Yoshio Kosai said this in Clearwater on November 13th, 2002 during the Awards Banquet of the 22nd ISA.

“Sickness and death are fatal pre-destinations of life. It is Important for each and every one of us to recognize the most valuable gift we have is the gift of 1ife.  We must enjoy and treasure every moment as there is no promise for the future.

Participating in the International Tournament lets us not only enjoy the game of Shuffleboard, but also the opportunity to learn and understand different languages, cultures and way of life.”

At the time of his death, October 10th, 2003, Kosai was 69 years and 11 months. He had been inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame in 1993.  I am now going to take a key sentence or two from the accolades received following his death, statements which clearly indicate the impact, the success this fine gentleman had on ensuring the growth of International Shuffleboard.

Sachiyo Takada had this to say about Kosai: It was he who had introduced shuffleboard into Japan and greatly contributed to expand the number of its players.”

Kazuomi & Yoshiko Suzuki said this: Mr. Yoshio Kosai in 1979, the late Mr. Yoshio Kosai has met Shuffleboard and popularized it throughout Japan. His great efforts enable Japanese players to participate in international tournaments since 1981.

Sam and Marcia Allen had this to say: “Shuffleboard will miss Kosai but his spirit will remain in our thoughts forever.”

Malcolm Crowder said this: “Kosai, one of our most respected Shuffleboard icons; he was one of the founders of the I.S.A. and a pioneer in getting Shuffleboard started in Japan, he formed the Japan National Shuffleboard Association and participated in all international tournaments.”

Canada’s President Weeks has this to say: “The International owes Kosai a great deal for his leadership over the years, and for spearheading the Japanese team to compete year after year, no matter where the location.”

At the time of his death, Kosai was serving as the President of the Japanese National Shuffleboard Association.  This Lifetime Achievement is a fitting tribute to a man who left us more than 10 years ago, to a man who is fondly remembered for the contribution he made to INTERNATIONAL SHUFFLEBOARD. 

Yoshiko Suzuki.  2014 08 15.

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Kosai

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    I feel Kosai was the most popular man in all shuffleboard for many years. He was a smooth very intelligent charasmatic guy. People were drawn to him. It was a sad day for shuffleboard when Kosai died. I know the Japanese team was never the same. He was everything to all the playing nations. No one could ever take his place.

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